Sunday, December 28, 2008

July 23rd Chameleon

The only band I ever heard on this show is "Sadaharu". And I don't like that band. So of course, I didn't go! Anybody have a review of this show? I'll post it on da blog if you send it to me.

Operation: Cliff Clavin - Paradise Lost CD

Here is a band that has a following on the underground punk scene. Mostly the anarchist folk punks. Even though this is some great political pop punk. Sometimes I get annoyed by political punk. Mainly the "the government sucks because I'm punk" type. But this CD is well thought out, great lyrics, and makes plenty of sense. There are also explanations to all the songs which is always a plus. This CD is out of print, and for some reason a little bit difficult to find in decent shape.

Members of this band (Chris and Hannah) went on to form Ghost Mice

PRESSING INFO: Probably 1000 pressed. Released in 1998 on Plan-it-X Records.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

June 26th Flyer

If you click on the flyer, you get a full size picture that you can print out! I'm not really much of a fan of the Chameleon or CI flyers. Most of the time the artwork is the same. The only band I recognize is We Were Skeletons. They were a screamo band from Lancaster I believe. Any reviews of this show? Or info about the bands??

V/A - Nevermind the Bollocks in 1994 CD

Here is my first post of Finnish punk! I got this comp at megatronix back when they had their 3 for $5 sale. I never heard of any of the bands until this point. Finnish punk, with a '77 style sound. I have a copy of this for sale or trade if anybody is interested. $3 or trade!

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1994 on Alternative Action Records. AA022. Probably 1000 or so pressed.

1. Unborn-SF - Kohti Krumpujen
2. Goredoctore - Hautausmaa
3. Terveet Kadet - Searching for the End of the World
4. Hybrid Children - TV Show '91
5. The Brats - Chainsaw Brain Surgeon
6. Unborn-SF - Kene Joukoissa Seisot?
7. GND - Tonight
8. Unborn-SF - Verinen Rakkaus
9. Gordoctore - S/M Party
10. Terveet Kadet - The Leader 2
11. The Brats - Gimme a Break
12. GND - Nevertheless
13. Goredoctore - Bibana Anssi
14. Hybrid Children - Ghouls Night Out
15. Unborn-SF - Ala Valita Paskapuheista

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Juen 21st 2008 Chameleon Club

Here is my first flier post. I'm not gonna post much about the fliers. I was looking through mine and realized I had a few hundred I would love to show other people. And here is one way to do it. I didn't go to this show. Anybody have a review on it?

V/A - Cause That's The Way You Like It Baby CD

Back a few years ago when I had my distro I ended up buying the remaining stock from another out of NJ. And I ended up with about 7 copies of this. I sold a few and decided to actually open one up and check it out for myself. This has a lot of good stuff on it. I'm a huge fan of I Farm so I had to add this to my collection. Mostly punk rock, but has a few pop punk tracks as well. If you like this, I think I still have 2 sealed copies for sale or trade

PRESSING INFO: Released back in 1996 on Crap Records. CRAP001. Their first release.

1. I Farm - She's Over You (Ithaca, NY)
2. I Farm - Girl I'm Gonna Marry
3. I Farm - Shotdown
4. I Farm - Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams)
5. Six-o-Seven - Anyway (Binghamton, NY)
6. Six-o-Seven - Clueless
7. Smak - Frown (Ithaca, NY)
8. Smak - Wreck
9. End of One - True (Woodmere, NY)
10. End of One - Eclipse
11. Nerd - Dammit, This is the Last Time I'm Gonna Show You (Ithaca, NY)
12. Nerd - Welcome Home Race Fans
13. Nerd - Habit
14. Secret Sqrrrl - Play it Off (Ithaca, NY)
15. Secret Sqrrrl - TV Boy
16. Buglite - Woodchuck (Brookhaven, PA)
17. Thirsty - Girl I Think I Like (Berkeley Hts, NJ)
18. Thirsty - I See You
19. Thirsty - Thirsty

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Gunga Dins - Medio-Core! CD

The Gunga Dins! were a band out of IL in the 90's. I picked this up at megatronix in york, not knowing what it was. I took it home and listened to it and was surprised to hear some really good sloppy pop punk. Next time I went back to Megatronix, I found another copy for 99 cents so I picked it up. I think this was their only pop punk release. I also have a 7" by this band and its some really good thrashcore. I believe after this, they started playing all thrash. This CD is really hard to find so if you want a copy, I have an extra I can sell for $1 or we can trade!

PRESSING INFO: Self released in 1998. Probably only a few hundred pressed.

1. GM3
2. I Hate the Group
3. Numbers
4. Nothing to Fear
5. Pause
6. Mr Fantastic
7. Nag
8. Virgin Whore
9. Why I'm Such An Asshole All The Time
10. Frustration
11. Fade Away
12. Untitled
13. She's The One
14. Foolish Games (originally by Jewel)
15. Astrozombies (The Misfits)
16. Dorkriot.

Monday, December 15, 2008

V/A - Better Than Sevens CD

I dont Remember where I got this from. I think I bought this at a commercials show, but like I said, I dont remember. Its a really good comp with punk, ska and a lot of pop punk. I like how each band does 3 or 4 songs. You get a good idea of what the band sounds like. I wish Reinforcement Records was still around. They put out some great releases.

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1999 on Reinforcement Records. You can still get it over at interpunk from a few bucks.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fat Nick's Fish - Promo

I saw this band at the old 4th street station in Gettysburg. I loved that place. It was sooo much fun. They describe themselves as "grind violence". I would Describe them as thrashcore. 4 songs that go through pretty quick. If memory serves me right, they were from York or red lion PA

PRESSING INFO: I think this was their only release. There was talks about a full length but i don't believe it was ever released. Less than 50 were probably made of this.

1. Waste My Time
2. Fat
3. Shit Doesn't Just Happen
4. Salad Is Murder

Friday, December 12, 2008

Drunk in Public - Tapped Out CD

Another note about this blog, I will be re-posting some old blog entries sometime soon. Just because I deleted the the first few and I have had people asking for them. And since I've been keeping track in the last few post of how many downloads I get, Here is the top 3

1. Magrudergrind - Religious Baffle CD (11)
2. TIE with Jettison - Search for the Gun Girl CD (6) and Green Day - Dookie Demos (6)
3. Riddlin' Kids - Any Day Now EP CD (4)

And now to the real entry! Next week I will be getting a new stylus for my USB turntable. Thank god. Here is a CD that is in my top 5 favorites. I fucking love this album. Its got everything. It fast, its catchy as fuck, and its some of the best pop punk I have ever heard. Good luck finding this. I ended up paying $27.50 for it off ebay. And I have never seen another copy. Well there is one on amazon, but its $99. Fuck that! Anyways I recomend everyday, just you and me, and heidi

PRESSING INFO: Release in 1996 on Fearless Records. Yes the same Fearless that releases that god awful "punk goes whatever" series. There couldnt have been many pressed.

1. The Way He Feels
2. Promise to Trust
3. Enemies
4. Meaningless
5. Everyday
6. Don't Give Up
7. Cowboy Blues
8. XLR-8
9. Just You And Me
10. Heidi
11. Drifting Away
12. Something Changed
13. Looking Back
14. Shades of Grey
15. Till' The End

Sunday, December 7, 2008

V/A - Punk at 1600 CD (1997)

First off I wanna pimp a site called One of my hobbies is being a discographer. You know, trying to catalog every music release out there. To me its a lot of fun. And this site has sooooo many release. I think to this day I have added close to 500 releases.

I honestly do not remember where I got this CD. I have no clue whatsoever. So there goes the history part of it. If you are familiar with plan-it X releases, and the cheap way they do it, thats how this is packaged. It's a great idea, but can be annoying at times. This comp covers pop punk, ska, hardcore and straight up punk. Its a pretty good comp and I've never seen any other release by a lot of these bands. If you can find it for a few dollars, buy it.

PRESSING INFO: Release on Whitehouse Records in 1997. There was 1000 of these pressed.

1. Scallywagon - My World
2. The Enkindels - Florida Trash
3. Saturday Supercade - Anything is Fine
4. The Dangers - Room 1024
5. Short Millie - 9-5
6. Cherub Scourge - Motivate You
7. Restraint - Thanks for the Inspiration
8. Left Out - Why?
9. Pincushion - Somedaze
10. Railslide - Reminiscence
11. The Dastardlys - I'm Better Than You
12. Slam Impaired - Your Mistake
13. Operation Cliff Clavin - A Bomb and a Plan
14. Peanucle - All Punks Got

Saturday, December 6, 2008

V/A - Angus Soundtrack CD

Why am I even posting this? Don't get me wrong, I think this is a great comp. But Everybody I have talked to has this album or has heard it. So this is for all the people who never hear this! Ever see the movie Angus? Neither have I. But they have a pretty good soundtrack. Including one of Green Day's best songs. Lots of power pop for your enjoyment.

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1995 on Reprise records. A LOT pressed.

1. Green Day - J.A.R.
2. Ash - Jack Names the Planets
3. Dance Hall Crashers - Enough
4. Ash - Kung Fu
5. The Riverdales - Back To You
6. Smoking Popes - Mrs You and Me
7. Weezer - You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
8. Goo Goo Dolls - Ain't That Unusual
9. The Muffs - Funny Face
10. Tilt - White Homes
11. Pansy Division - Deep Water
12. Love Spit Love - Am I Wrong


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Riddlin' Kids - Any Day Now EP CD

Ahhh the Riddlin' Kids. Remember them? I DO! They were a popular power pop / pop punk band that were on mainstream TV for some time. I saw them at the old Champion Ship a few years ago with a stupid bitch I wont name. My car ended up breaking down on rt 15 under the turnpike after that show. Fuck! They played in front of 7 kids. Well 6 if you dont count me. I felt kinda bad cuz I talked to them and they were super nice people. They most love playing music cuz they played with a ton of energy and had a lot of fun. I bought this at the ever famous City Lights Records in State College PA for about $2. I think they are still around as well so go check them out.

PRESSING INFO: 5 track EP release on Aware Records. Which I think is another offshoot label of Sony Music. Probably a few thousand pressed.

1. See The Light
2. Tell Me Why
3. I Feel Fine
4. Anyday Now
5. It's the End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boxcar - The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful CD

FIRST NOTE!!!: I'd like to state that if you are in a band, were in a band, or a label and your stuff is on here, and you would like me to remove it BY ALL MEANS LET ME KNOW!! I will remove your bands or labels release from my blog. I have no problem with that. You may wonder why I put this, well nobody told me to do it. Infact in an earlier post, I posted the Christian Science AD album for download. And one of the band members posted a comment and said download away. He always said there were 1000 CD's pressed! I love when I get this kind of information. Here is the link to download if you would like.

Ok now for a new blog. Boxcar were straight out of the new jersey pop punk (NJPP) scene in the late 90's. In my opinion, some of the best pop punk, ska and power pop came out of jersey between 1995 and 2001. And this album is no exception. Unfortunatly, I think this band went under the radar in the 90's. Great fast NJPP thats a lot of fun! They also release a 7" which I have been tracking down for years. I will also be posting a ton of comps in the future with this band on it. Produced by Steve Evetts @ Trax East Studios (lifetime, saves the day, kid dynamite, snapcase, dillenger escape plan, etc).

PRESSING INFO: Release on Red Leader Records in 1999. I'm guessing around 1000 pressed?

1. The Complete Guide To Home Bartending
2. It's All About You
3. Gone Away
4. Song That Ruined Everything
5. 2349
6. G.O.T.
7. High Protein Tonsil Wash
8. Left Out
9. Pimpslap
10. Fuckitaboutit
11. You've Done Enough Already
12. Nobody's Business.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

V/A - This is Bad Taste Volume 2 CD

Bad Taste Records was a melodic punk label base out of Sweden. They release a good bit of releases and they are still around. It's basically the Fat Wreck Chords of Sweden. Here is a comp that is still in print but unavailable in the United States as far as I know. And with shipping from Sweden, this comp is gonna set you back a good chunk of change. So here it is! I bought this at a record store called "City Lights Records" in State College PA. $3.99 for a OOP promo CD is a little steep, but I love comps so I couldn't pass it up. This comp has melodic punk, thrash, surf and straight up punk all in one.

PRESSING INFO: Released in I think 1998-1999 on Bad Taste Records from Sweden. This is a the promo only version.

1. The Almighty Trigger Happy - Blood Red and Forever Blue
2. Langhorns - Tierra Del Fuego
3. Astream - Meeting by the Crossroads
4. Misconduct - Another Time
5. Turtlehead - Ruin My Day
6. Intensity - Silence = Consent
7. Last Days of April - Fly Catching
8. Pridebowl - 500 People Wide
9. Satanic Surfers - Think Positive
10 Astream - Jumps. Giggles and Shouts
11. Misconduct - Two Friends
12. Turtlehead - Brass Arse Margaret
13. Everyday Madness - Talkshow
14. Last Days of April - Heads or Tails
15. Intensity - Exist
16. The Almighty Trigger Happy - Meathook
17. Pridebowl - Welcome
18. 88 Fingers Louie - Smart Enough to Run
19. Langhorns - Fuzzball
20. I Spy - Half the Population
21. Weakerthans - Diagnosis
22. But Alive - Jemand Lief Amok Auf Der Mayday

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eyes Shut - What It's All About CD

First off I would like clarify what this blog is about. It is about showscasing bands and music that may have been either ignored in the past, or is out of print and hard to find. Somebody asked me to post the new off with their heads album. I DO NOT and WILL NOT post music that is still easily available. The bands and labels work their asses off and deserve all the money they can get. So go support them. And in that not, the new MINDSET album is on pre-order. So I recomend you go get that!

Here is a release I think most of you will enjoy. 95% of my collection consists of pop punk and some thrash. But I also have some hardcore in there. I like my hardcore fast, posi, and did I mention fast? OK I think you get the point. I like the old school style hardcore. the chugga chugga metal influenced hardcore sucks balls. Anyways this band is from Germany and play some great old school influenced hardcore. Fast, posi and the way hardcore should be!

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1998 on Keep it Alive Records out of Germany. Not many pressed, and thats a shame because it is such a good album.

1. Still Here
2. Together
3. Wake Up Call
4. Time Moves On
5. Vision
6. What It's All About
7. Bonus track

Monday, November 24, 2008

Brazilia - Pants Tight: Arms Crossed CD

I really need to buy a stylus for my record player. Well at least the USB one I use to upload records on here. So until then you are stuck with all CD's. Which is still good because I have a ton of rare and out of print ones I want everybody to hear.

These guys came out of the screamo scene back in the day. If you remember bands like five stars for failure, stars and revolution, and bailey park, Brazilia is right up your alley. Artsy screamo with a good bit of singing. I got this in a huge pop punk lot I bought off of ebay 4 years ago. Can't seem to find another copy. They also released another full length and a 7" which you will see on future entires. My favorite songs are Punctual and shiver

PRESSING INFO: Released on Braeburn Records in 2001. I don't think either the label or the band is still around.

1. Metal Makes a Bear Grow
2. Superhero
3. House by the Sea
4. Punctual
5. Honeycomb
6. Insects
7. Shiver
8. Safe and Warm
9. June Bug

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Green Day - Dookie (demos!!!)

I don't have any pictures or any other info. None of these versions were ever released. And some of them were rerecorded a few years later in 1997! And these were recorded in late 1993 and early 1994. So you get to see what was originally planned for dookie!! So here you go cuz im a nice guy. Below is the story behind it, well thats about it actually

What I have here is the demo tape that Green Day used to shop around for record labels for the album Dookie. It has demo versions of both tracks that were used on the album and tracks that were not. This is a very interesting piece of Green Day history. If you listen to the vocals, it sounds much more like it should be recordings for Kerplunk or 39/Smooth. Enjoy!

TRACK LISTING: (all these songs are demo versions)
1. Having A Blast
2. When I Come Around
3. Longview
4. Burnout
5. Basket case
6. Haushinka (finally released on nimrod in 1997. this is the dookie demo version. Also different lyrics)
7. JAR (you can hear billie joe laughing in background after the song)
8. She
9. Pulling Teeth (longer version)
10. Sassafras Roots
11. Walkin' The Dog (this was never released)
12. Don't Wanna Fall in Love (I believe this was a B-side for insomniac singles)
13. F.O.D.
14. Instrumental (this was never released)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Presidents - Ca Plane Pour Moi CD

Here is another piece from my Presidents collection. I am trying to get everything they have ever released. And will be posting parts of my collection up here. Especially the rare pieces.

This came in a cardboard sleeve with no insert. The title track is a cover of Plastic Beltran. The other 3 songs were previously released on their self titled album. Seems hard to find, but not valuable. Around $4-$6

PRESSING INFO: Released in France in 1996 on Columbia records.

1. Ca Plane Pour Moi
2. Feather Pluckn (Live)
3. Boll Weevil (live)
4. Dune Buggy (live)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Scratch - Scratch CD 1993

Here is another one to file under the "rock" category and it isn't punk rock per se. This is one from my old distro days and not from my personal collection. It seems impossible to find though. If you like hard rock, bands like pearl jam, Alice in chains and the such then you will like this. The only reason I included it, is because like I said, its impossible to find.

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1993 on Ridgemont Recordings. Tom Hamilton helped produce this. He was the producer for a lot of the Taang! Records releases back in the day.

1. Nettle Hill
2. Wrong foot
3. Samething
4. Centralia
5. Wish
6. 13 Reasons
7. Roller

Saturday, November 15, 2008

V/A - Third Party Straight Edge 2006 CD

If you are a thrashcore fan, and you do not know Third Party Records by now, then shame on you! In my opinion, Third Party is one of the best labels for thrashcore and fastcore records. SxE thrash and fastcore that is! So if you don't know them by now, please go check them out! Nick, the guy who runs third party is also a nice guy who does this for the music. So like I said, download this, and buy some of their records!

PRESSING INFO: Given away for free to people who ordered stuff in 2006.

1. Blank Stare - White Corpse
2. Blank Stare - Cowards
3. Pointing Finger - Transcend
4. Pointing Finger - Another Reason
5. Hostage Situation - Living The Life
6. Hostage Situation - Fuck What You Think of Me
7. FPO - One Beautiful Day
8. FPO - Come On Girls
9. Positive Reinforcement - Worse Case Scenario of a Waste of Life
10. Positive Reinforcement - A Timely Reminder
11. Bad Business - Spring Break
12. Bad Business - Journey to the Center of the Earth
13. Still Ill - Miserable
14. Still Ill - Half Asleep
15. Get It Away - Malt Liquor BS
16. Get It Away - Mamon
17. Black SS - I Want Out
18. Black SS - Bullshit Rites of Passage
19. No Goal - Learn
20. No Goal - No Goal / No God

Friday, November 14, 2008

Budget - Eeepee CD 1998

Another fine addition to the pop punk list. I first heard budget on a comp by destined to fail recordings called "going nowhere fast". Which is still one of my favorite all time comps and will be featured on a future entry. These guys are from California. Although this album seems impossible to find, it was produced by Joey Cape (yes the guy from Lagwagon). It is very well produced. 4 tracks of punk with pop sensibilities. Check it out! It's Good!!

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1998 on Wonder Dog Records.

1. Sold
2. Stuttering
3. Tribe
4. Word of Mouth

reupped on 12-29-2009

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

V/A - Go On Dive In CD

V/A - Go On Dive In (In at the Deep End Records 2002) CD

I love comps. No doubt about it, comps are the best way to hear new music, and bands you may have never knew about. And whenever I have a chance to listen to, or buy a comp, I usually do it. Here is one all the way from the UK. I got this back when it was first released. I contacted them about possibly buying some stuff for my distro and the sent me this for free. After that the distro went on hiatus and I never got a chance to wholesale their goods. Anyways this is a great sampler with screamo, pop punk, indie, metal and straight up punk. This label had it all! The best songs IMO are #3, 6, 8, and 9.

PRESSING INFO: Given away for free back in 2002. All you had to do was ask them for one. Released on In at the Deep End Records. The CD is a blank label CD with just a small sticker on it.

1. And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - Pinned Down & Under Fire
2. Beecher - Megadrive vs Snes
3. The Killerest Expression - Sid's Song
4. The Osterman Weekend - Milestone
5. The Devils - Ewan's Song
6. The Lief Ericsson - Sleeping With My Friends
7. Steel Rules Die - A Mile A Minute
8. Send More Paramedics - Zombified
9. Lovejunk - Ethan & Emma
10. Jailcell Recipes - Arm Twister
11. The Wireless Stores - The Speed of Sound

Friday, November 7, 2008

First t-shirt post

Like I said, I will be posting some t-shirts from my collection. Besides records was a small used record store in downtown mechanicsburg. I was only there once and soon after it closed its doors. Which is really sad because they had a nice selection of new and used punk vinyl. I added a bunch of 7" for my slap a ham records collection from this store. RIP!