Friday, November 7, 2008

First t-shirt post

Like I said, I will be posting some t-shirts from my collection. Besides records was a small used record store in downtown mechanicsburg. I was only there once and soon after it closed its doors. Which is really sad because they had a nice selection of new and used punk vinyl. I added a bunch of 7" for my slap a ham records collection from this store. RIP!

Jettison - Search for the Gun Girl CD (pop kid records 1999)

FIRST OFF I'd like to point out that I will be taking this blog in a new direction. I still will try to update this every day with hard to find and rare music. But I am also going to showcase old band t-shirts (Some people collection HXC shirts. I collect pop punk shirts) old flyers, zines, and every now and then some rare and hard to find pro wrestling items. I consider myself very well knowledged on the pro wrestling collectibles and there isnt a guide that covers prices and the such. Anyways.....

Here is one that confused me when I first bought it. There is a NJPP band called Jettison. Which features former members of LWL. I bought this off of the pop punk bored (yes BORED) for like $3. I listened to it and realized it wasnt the same Jettison. Although I still like it. Its strong power pop with some punk rock pushed into the mix. If you like the slower type of pop punk, this is right up your alley.

PRESSING INFO: Released on Pop Kid Records in 1999.

1. Arrive Alive
2. Good
3. Znothin'
4. My Machine
5. Can't Get Anymore
6. Fiona
7. In My Head
8. Until We're Done
9. Take It
10. Jen's Song
11. Last

Monday, November 3, 2008

Espinine - Live CD (Self Released 2002)

AHHHH the good ole days. If you were a regular in the Hanover punk scene back in 2001-2003, you probably remember these guys. This may have been their only release but I am not 100% sure. So if anybody knows anything please let me know! Anyways this is some good shitty pop punk. I always use the term shitty pop punk, but not in a derogatory manner. To me shitty pop punk is the kind of fast pop punk where the band members cant play their instruments all that well. And personally, I LOVE IT. But this is some great pop punk with a bigwig cover.

The lead singer of this band now lives in DE and plays in a instrumental jamaican reggae band.

PRESSING INFO: self released in 2002. Probably only a few pressed.

Read the track listing above. There is also a bonus track on the end of the CD I included in the upload.