Saturday, February 14, 2009

Antiseen - Sabu 7"

ARTIST: Antiseen
LABEL: Steel Cage Records
YEAR: 2000

If you know punk rock, you probably have heard of Antiseen. Or Anti-Seen. However they decide to spell it these days. They are up there with J Church and NOFX as far as releases go. A ridiculous amount. I am not too big of a fan of theirs, but since I have a collection of records with wrestling covers, this was right up my alley

I picked this up at Double Decker Records last time I was there for $3.49. Its 2 songs and the B-side is a live version. I also uploaded their 7" "Dear Abby" a while back that you can download.

PRESSING INFO: Released on Steel Cage Records in 2000. I think it was only pressed on red vinyl. Live Things was recorded in 1997

1. Sabu
2. Live Things (Live 1997)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OK I'll be honest with you. I've always wanted to make a compilation of hard to find and rare tracks. Of course only using my favorites. Not all of these are hard to find. But this is volume 1 of my favorite songs! As you can see, I suck at computer graphics. Oh well. Download this comp and get a taste of what some of my favorite songs are! This is only volume 1! There will be many more volumes in the future.

YES its blurry!! But if you click on it it opens up and its very clear and readable. Download it already!

1. 5 Cent Deposit - Out My Head
2. Boxcar - You've Done Enough Already
3. 7 Seconds - Clenched Fist, Black Eyes
4. 7 Seconds - 99 Red Balloons
5. 30footfall - Just Like Heaven
6. One Time Angels - Two Steps To The Edge
7. One Time Angels - Undertow
8. The Fairlanes - Never Looking Back
9. The Hextalls - Summers Gone
10. Sonic Dolls - Detention
11. The Lillingtons - Phantom Maggot
12. Enemy You - City Of Lost Children
13. Moral Crux - Bomb for the Mainstream
14. The Smugglers - Flying Buttress
15. Racer Ten - Bowling Trophies
16. Green Day - J.A.R.
17. Digger - Try and Catch Me
18. The A's - CIA
19. The A's - Heart Of America
20. Green Day - Christie Road
21. Green Day - 80
22. Green Day - Who Wrote Houlden Caulfield
23. Tinkle - Big Wheel
24. Heft - Ready Anne
25. I Farm - The Girl I'm Gonna Marry
26. One Point Two - Neo
27. The Mushuganas - (i dont know the title to this song. help me out here)
28. Scallywagon - Turkey Tester

Scallywagon - All We Can Afford Is A Smile CD

I am back once again for some more melodic pop punk! A few years ago I picked up a huge pop punk lot off of ebay. The only reason I bought it was because there was a lanemeyer CD in there I didn't have. I ended up winning 40 some CDs for around $6. Not too bad! Most of it was unknown and self released stuff. A lot of which went into my person collection and will eventually been seen in this blog.
OK OK back to Scallywagon. I think this band is from Kentucky. But I am not sure. Fast melodic pop punk similar to what was coming out of NJ back in the day. I love it, and you might to!

PRESSING INFO: Released on Whitehouse Records in 1998. I also uploaded a comp from Whitehouse called "Punk at 1600" which has Scallywagon on it. Its in an older post.

1. Turkey Tester
2. Us
3. All In All
4. My Big Toe
5. Anything But Me
6. Hot Diggity
7. Happy Day

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Point Two - 203

I thought I would do my one month update on the most popular entries to me music blog. This time instead of a top 3, a top 5! In homage to High Fidelity

1. Magrudergrind - Religious Baffle (45)
2. V/A - Angus Soundtrack (34)
3. Green Day - Dookie Demos (25)
4. Riddlin Kids - EP (15)
5. Green Day - Eating My Bugers (11)

Now back to the blog. Here is one of the many pieces to my rare pop punk collection. This blog was mainly started to showcase hard to find and unknown pop punk bands. But it has grown to include all kinds of great music! I was doing a search on pop punk bands on interpunk one day and came across this release. I think it was $6. People compared it to new found glory and slick shoes. And since I love both those bands, I picked this up. And it did not disappoint. To me it sounds like a melodic cross between Blink 182 and slick shoes. If you like the old style pop punk that was released on tooth & nail records, and Drive thru back in the day, you will dig this!

The band also had 2 other releases that I know of before this one. 1.2 Brand New Demo, and Montezuma's Revenge Demo. Both of which I can't find anywhere.

PRESSING INFO: Released on Together Records in 2001. It was record in 1999. Hard to find, and I can't find any other info on it.

1. Roger, Roger
2. Idiot
3. Your Life Starts Tomorrow
4. I'm Number One
5. Piglet
6. Neo
7. Untitled bonus track