Tuesday, October 9, 2012

V/A - The World's In Shreds Volume 2 7"

Here is a short little compilation from the golden age of 1989. I picked this up at Celebrated Summer Records in Towson MD a few years ago for $15. I wasn't going to buy it, as I bought the first volume a few weeks earlier and thought it wasnt very good. This however is much better.

Released on Shredder Records in 1989. I also believe there was only 1 pressing of this on black vinyl. It also came with an insert.

Of course all the tracks are great. Do you expect any less? The Jawbreaker song is from an early demo. And Moral Crux is awesome.

1. Crimpshrine - Pretty Mess
2. Jawbreaker - Shield Your Eyes
3. Moral Crux - Pathos
4. A Priori - Schoolkids (Live)