Wednesday, September 3, 2008

7 Seconds - Live: One Plus One LP (Giant 1987)

Here is an album I never hear when 7 Seconds is brought up. I believe the reason is because its a little different then the 7 seconds we all know and love. This album has mostly tracks from the Praise era and its a lot slower than the rest of their catalog. Its still really good! But I do think the old songs they did live (99 red balloons, walk together rock together) pretty much suck. Very slow and reggae type. Yuck. The rest of the album isnt too bad though.

PRESSING INFO: Pressed on Giant records in 1987. Its been out of print for years but isnt all that hard to find. I got my copy for $12 at Toms music trade in red lion. 12 tracks. I think only 1 pressing on black vinyl was pressed.

1. You Live and Die for Freedom
2. Siren
3. Catching
4. Praise
5. Somebody Help Me Scream
6. Opinion of Feelings
1. Trust
2. Calendar
3. Regress, No Way!
4. The Save Ourselves
5. Walk Together, Rock Together
6. 99 Red Ballons

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spazz - Crush Kill Destroy CD (Slap a Ham 54)

Another Spazz release to add to the music blog. And Im sure there will be more in the future. This CD is probably one of their best releases as far as full lengths go. Fast power violence that sings about everything from the destruction of pop punk, to how to write your very own spazz song.

PRESSING INFO: Pressed on Slap a Ham Records. #54. There was an LP and a CD release. I uploaded the CD since I do not own the LP. The LP had a pressing of 3000 copies. 2700 of those were on black vinyl. 300 were on purple vinyl for mail order only. The CD has 3000 pressed. So its not all that hard to find. but it is long out of print.

2.Snowcone Ribplate,
3. Cool Guy
4. Dwarf Goober Militia
5. Let's Fucking Go!!!

6. Complete And Utter Eradication Of All Generic Pop Punk (Extended Version)
7. Sword Of The Lord
8. A Legend In Your Own Mind

9. Street Jam To The Second Power
10. Hort
11. Black 'N Decker Crusty Wrecker
12. Bobby Dee In The Hour Of Chaos

13. Gary Manardo's Record Vault Shirt
14. Not Even Phased
15. Campaign For Emo Destruction
16. Hardcore Before Mark McCoy Was Emo Semen

17. Sluta
19. Hoarder
20. Now 50% More Pants Shitting
21. Let The Beatings Commence

22. Chris Pooped At The Skatepark
23. Jeb For Ruler Of The (Formerly) Free World
24. Staayyyle
25. Crush Kill Destroy