Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recent Vinyl Pick Ups

Our band got booted off the show in Lancaster PA tonight. Fuck the Chameleon Club. So instead I went to Mr. Suit records and picked up the following 7"

Boris The Sprinkler - Drugs & Masturbation (3rd press on blue 1000 pressed. Fun goofey pop punk) $2.99
Boris The Sprinkler - Male Model $4.99
Down By Law - Punky Brewster (if you dont know this band, your missing out) $2.99
Everready - County Transit System (mutant pop. black. 1500 pressed) $2.99
For Sale - Bargain EP $1
Stripped Basstards - Lessons Learned $1
Nooner / Houseboy - split (clear. I already have this on pink) $3.99
Sidecar / Trigger Happy (fast music) $2.99
The 4-Squares / The Bollweevils - carol EP (dr strange records) $2.99

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Diversions - Here It Is LP

Front cover
Back Cover

ARTIST: The Diversions
TITLE: Here It Is
LABEL: D.M. Records
YEAR: 1984
GENRE: power pop / ska

About 2 years ago or so I bought a box of records at an auction for a few disco records to sell. I found this in here and thought I would give it a listen before I put it on ebay. I enjoyed it enough to add it to my personal collection. 80's style power pop that is heavy on the reggae and ska influences.

The Diversions also released another 7" with songs from this album. Only released on vinyl

1. Hearts Like That
2. Painting Myself Into A Corner
3. Solar Eclipse
4. Rudie
5. Money
6. Milo's
7. Surfin' Pharaohs
8. I Still Got Friends
9. Dance
10. The Saint
11. Hangin' Around
12. Skydive