Tuesday, December 29, 2009


After the request of a few people, I re-upped the Budget - Eeepee!


The Mad Caddies - Pre-Green Tape

I'm going to be flat up honest with all my fellow blogger enthusiasts, I have little to no information about this release, if it was released! So I apologize.

The Mad Caddies are a ska-punk band that released a few albums on fat wreck chords. You probably already knew that if you ever heard one of this Fat Wreck compilations. Back before they were called The Mad Caddies, their band was called The Ivy League. BUT due to possible legal issues with other bands of that name, they decided that the Mad Caddies was a more suitable and unique name.

They recorded a bunch of tracks as The Ivy League. And it came to be known as the Pre-Green Tape. So here ya go!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Wunder Years - Take It Off, Let It Go, Start From Scratch 7"

Front of the EP
Side Y (AKA side B)
Side W (AKA side A)
Lyric insert
Back of the insert

ARTIST: The Wunder Years
TITLE: Take It Off, Let It Go, Start From Scratch
LABEL: Tomato Head Records
YEAR: 1998
GENRE: Pop Punk / Emo
PRESSING INFO: As far as I know, only pressed on black. Probably around 1000 or 2000 pressed.

I've been wanting to update this blog for a few days now. Here's to procrastination! I got into this band after a compilation appearance on one of those old Springman Records comps. Realizing how good they were, I found this 7" for 50 cents at Double Decker Records (noticing a trend here?).

This is not the same "wonder years" that is circling the hardcore pop punk rounds these days! This band is a more melodic slower pop punk band but very very good. They also released a full length which I sold a few months ago and I'm kicking myself for it!

Hopeless Romantic is not the same bouncing souls song.

Side A
1. Backstab
2. Hopeless Romantic

Side B
3. Bottled
4. Wonder Years


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Down By Law - Last Of The Sharpshooters LP

ARTIST: Down By Law
TITLE: Last Of The Sharpshooters
LABEL: Epitaph
CATALOG: 86501-1
YEAR: 1997
PRESSING INFO: I believe only pressed on black vinyl. Also released on cassette, CD and Epitaph Europe.

I already posted Down By Law's first full length and it seems a few people really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I have to skip a few releases as I do not own them yet. This is their fifth full length and it seems it doesn't let up on the energy and emotion.

Also, I may update a few times this weekend out of sheer boredom. There is 9 inches of snow on the ground with another 8-16 yet to fall! So keep an eye out for some more goodies. Including Jimmy Eat World demos.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/cwe5qwzzmgt/down by law - last of the sharpshooters.zip

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Record pick ups for this weekend

What a weekend! On Friday I took the day off of work and headed up to New Jersey to see The Gaslight Anthem. Of course I had to stop at Double Decker Records in Allentown for about 30 minutes on the way. Gaslight was amazing! I can't wait to hear their new material.

Saturday was my annual trip to Philadelphia to see CZW's Cage of Death 11. Since we make a whole day out of it, of course I hit up the local record stores. Since I was short on cash I only ended up going to the Philly Record Exchange, and Repo Records. And here is my buys from this weeked!

King for a Day - S/T (Initial Records 1997. Black vinyl)
My Pal Trigger - The Riverview Mentality (black vinyl. 1996.
My Pal Trigger - Two Miles From Nowhere (death squad records. black vinyl)
Pegboy - Live Amputation (1991. Green vinyl.
Plan a Project - Use Your Head (13 Roacho 1996. Black Vinyl)
Slinky - Overloaded (#205. White cover. Black vinyl)
The Gaslight Anthem - Senor and the Queen 2x7" (gatefold on black. Sabot Records. Black Vinyl)
What Happens Next? - Ahora Mas Que Nunca (black vinyl)
Whatever - Deep (1993 Black vinyl)
Antiseen / Hellstomper - Keep it Flying split (white vinyl. Wrestling cover)
Operation: Cliff Clavin / The Max Levine Ensemble - Split (pink marble vinyl.
V/A - Sasquatch (Kirbdog Records. Comp with victims family, schlong, moral crux, cringer, nuisance, nomeansno)
V/A - Shreds (Shredder Records 1988. Comp with Crimpshrine, gail & the fudgepackers, bo, special forces. 1000 pressed on clear red)

The Padded Cell - S/T (Black vinyl. Dead Beat Records)
V/A - Achtung Drei Chicago! (black vinyl. 1995 comp with mushuganas, aya, the geezers, slapstick, vic vacuum and the attachments, houseboy, apostles on strike, pinwheel, my foolish halo, lunkhead, urbn dk, oblivion, scary monsters, lynyrd's innards, tricky dick, herbal flesh tea, nostrilsaurus, beardicus enormous
V/A - Back from the Grave Volume 7 (2xLP on black. RARE 1960's punk)
V/A - The Big Itch Volume 2 (rare and weird rockibilly, garage and rock)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

5Driver - Self Proclaimed Rock Stars CD

ARTIST: 5Driver
TITLE: Self Proclaimed Rock Stars
LABEL: Negative Progression Records
YEAR: 1998
GENRE: Melodic punk / pop punk

I have added another release to the blog that is among one of my favorite albums. This is usually on heavy rotation in my vehicle when I make those long winter trips. No reason really. It's just a really good album. I purchased this on eBay about 2 years ago for $4. It was used and I already owned their 7" (which was limited to 100 copies) and I had to get this.

I would put this in the pop punk category. But also in the melodic punk category. Imagine if Good Riddance grew up listening to old Blink 182. There ya go!

1 Square Pegs Round Holes
2 Cool Guy
3 Moderation
4 Self Proclaimed Rock Stars
5 Prodigal Son
6 Relapse
7 All That I Am
8 6-18
9 Rejection
10 Pantyhose
11 Your Fault
12 My Love


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Stump Wizards - Official Fan Club Record Release 7"

ARTIST: The Stump Wizards
TITLE: Official Fan Club Record Release
LABEL: Get Hip Recordings
YEAR: 1990
PRESSING INFO: Only pressed on clear red vinyl. But has been repressed a few times.

Wow, 2 updates in 2 days! I'm on a roll now. This is what boredom and 3 inches of snow will do to a person. Enough about my pathetic uneventful life, on to the music!

The Stump Wizards were a little punk band that had somewhat of a following around the Harrisburg PA area. They were from Camp Hill PA to be exact. They were around for a couple of years. I believe 1989-1993. This could be wrong. They also released 3 other 7" as far as I know, and an LP titled Smokestack which was released on CD, LP, and cassette. As far as compilation appearances go, they were on Self Mutilation Volume 3 (Hippy Knight Records 1993), and Set it on Fire (a tribute to the scientists)

This little 7" release was picked up at Repo Records on my first annual trip to South Street in Philadelphia. for 99 cents it wasn't a bad pick up. 2 songs total, like a normal 45 from the time. “Too Young To Die” takes on an almost bluesy flavor while the flip ventures into heavy mid-tempo funk. Side A was also originally done by Sonny Boy Williamson. You can still pick up this release at Get Hip Recordings for $3.99. So if you like it, go buy it!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

V/A - Girls Kick Ass! CD

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: Girls Kick Ass!
LABEL: Punk Rock Onion Records
YEAR: 1999
GENRE: Pop punk / punk

Let's be honest. Punk Rock Onion is a terrible name for a label. But at least they put out this awesome comp. Over on the pop punk bored, there was a guy selling leftover stuff from his distro. I picked up a bunch of really hard to find pop punk comps and albums for really cheap. This was I believe $3 for a sealed copy. It does have some really good pop punk songs on it. And its about girls! So why not download it?

The best tracks or #5, #10, and #16.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Down By Law - Down By Law LP

ARTIST: Down By Law
TITLE: Down By Law
LABEL: Epitaph
CATALOG: 86441-1
GENRE: Punk / Melodic Punk
PRESSING INFO: I believe this was only pressed on black vinyl. If there are other variations I would love to know! Also released on CD and cassette

Seriously, this has to be one of the best punk bands to come out in the last 20 years. I don't care what anybody says. I fucking love this band.

Composed of Dave Smalley (Dag Nasty, DYS, All) and former members of the chemical people. I'm sure everybody has heard at least a few of their songs on Punk-O-Rama comps and G-Kart Records comps. They are still around but don't seem to put out much new material.

This is an amazing punk album with lots of melody and emotion. I will post more Down By Law albums in the future.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Cuffs - Bottoms Up CD

ARTIST: The Cuffs
TITLE: Bottoms Up
LABEL: Radical Records
CATALOG: RAD 70023-2
YEAR: 1998
GENRE: Punk / Oi
PRESSING INFO: Maybe around 1000 pressed. Possible 2000. I could be wrong

Another one of this blind ventures where I find a punk looking CD for really cheap (99 cents in this case) and decide to give it a shot. I'm not much into oi! or streetpunk, but this album is pretty catchy. Most of the songs are your typical "fast punk songs about drinking" type of fare. But there are some decent songs in the mix that make the album worth downloading.

The Cuffs were from New Jersey were formed in 1996. Their first release was a 7" titled "Get Out Of My Way". Around 1997, they played a few shows in the Lancaster and York PA areas.

In early 1998, another 7" titled "Death By The Bottle" was released on Headache Records.

Bottoms up was The Cuffs first full length release. And to kick off their CD release party, they played with punk legends Rancid. The cuffs also released 1 more 7" and called in quits in 2001.

I also used MP3's instead of WMA on this release. And most likely I will continue to do this.

1. Getting Smashed
2. Enemy
3. Too Much Confusion
4. John L. Sullivan (Bare Knuckle Fighter)
5. No More
6. The Time Has Come
7. Hit The Streets
8. Red, White And Blue
9. Bottoms Up
10. March On
11. Down With Em All
12. When The Sun Goes Down
13. Vision
14. Turn It Up
15. Punks No Dread
16. Forgotten Soldiers
17. Worth Fighting For


Monday, November 16, 2009

Magrudergrind - Religious Baffle 3" Demo CDr

Magrudergrind comes out of Bethesda Maryland and has been around a few years. Playing as a three piece, without a bass player, this band combines brutal grindcore with straight up thrash and fastcore. Who says 3 piece bands suck?

This CD was given away free before Religious Baffle was released. With only 2 songs, and a very limited print run (I've heard anywhere from 17-25 copies) not many Magrudergrind fans are familiar with this CDr. Check it out. And if you ever get a chance to see these guys live, they are amazing.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

V/A - From Brooklyn With Love CD (Compilation)

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: From Brooklyn With Love
LABEL: Dying Wish Records
YEAR: 2001
GENRE: Punk / Emo / Power Pop

I usually know where all my albums come from. Such as where I bought it and how much. This is the exception to the rule. I have no idea where I bought this. I keep thinking it was at a record store somewhere. But who knows.

Anyways this compilation was released in benefit of the 9/11 victims. This includes some rare tracks and some bands I cannot seem to find. As you can tell, I just copied and pasted the track listing because I am a lazy ass.

1 Bayside - Count The Score

2 Lost North Star - Fade Away Broken

3 Atkins Lane - Between Here And There

4 Brand New - The Shower Scene

5 Reunion Show, The - Dedication

6 Stopwatch - Maybe The Best

7 Dirt Bike Annie - All Systems Go

8 5 Cent Deposit - Stupid Me

9 Nixon Rules - They

10 Clearview 77 - Dead End Chump

11 Allister - Stuck

12 Copeland - That Awful Memory Of Yours

13 Yellowcard - For Pete's Sake

14 Outline (6) - A Boy Can Dream

15 Different Strokes - Spring Never Felt So Warm

16 Hissyfits, The - Superstar

17 Finch (2) - Letters To You

18 Go Real Slow - As For Me

19 Bayside - Advance Letter Goodbye

20 Whippersnapper - Steady The Walls

21 Taking Back Sunday - The Blue Channel (demo version)

22 A Dying Day Dream - The Cost Of Caring And The Price Of Being Rejected By Bad Credit


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bouncing Souls - Johnny X 7"

ARTIST: Bouncing Souls
TITLE: Johnny X
LABEL: BYO / Chunksaah
GENRE: Punk / Pop Punk
PRESSING INFO: Only pressed on black. Lots of different pressings, but all of them are exactly the same.

You know the Bouncing Souls. I really do not have to give a speech about how amazing this band is. This is one of their older releases that is out of print. Although I'm sure it will be back in print soon. Only 3 songs, but its still pretty awesome.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Spazz - Sweatin II: Deported Live Dwarf CD

TITLE: Sweatin' II: Deported Live Dwarf
LABEL: 625 Thrashcore
CATALOG: 62551
GENRE: Powerviolence / Thrashcore
PRESSING INFO: 3000 pressed on CD

Spazz were a crazy powerviolence band that had a ton of releases. Probably the most I have seen in a hardcore type band. This release contains the Dwarf Jester Rising LP, Spazz / Subversion Split CD and a live radio show from 1999


The Fest 8 in Gainseville FL

So our band drove down to Gainesville Floirda from PA so we could hopefully get to play a show. We got to play an awesome show in front of about 200 in a warehouse. I also got to see New Bruises, Les Than Jake, Dillinger Four and Magrudergrind. So all in all it was an amazing trip.

The main reason I am updating this blog is because of the finds I got down there. Here ya go!

All You Can Eat - Ballinger (Little Deputy. Black)
Blink 182 - They Came To Conquer Uranus (Grilled Cheese. Blue vinyl.
Good Riddance - Gidget (Little Deputy. Black. Pretty sure this is a reissue)
Off With Their Heads - Live At The Atlantic Volume 2 (Limited edition hand # 5/80. Light green)
Off With Their Heads - Live At The Atlantic Volume 2 (green vinyl. hand #575/650)
J Church / Sound on Sound - Split (pink vinyl. 500 pressed)

Avail - Live at the Kings Head Inn (black)

Off With Their Heads - All Things Toward Their End (Purple)
Off With Their Heads - Hospitals (Grey)
The Gaslight Anthem - Sing or Swim (clear)
Rehasher - Rehasher (green and white split)

Deadsure - from your head to your sacrum
Over It - The Ready Series
Spoke - Done
The Crumbs - Gold That shit right
The Revisions - Revised Observations
The 'Tone - Heres Another Reason
True North - Somewhat Similar

V/A - Fountains of Folly
V/A - Four Score And Four Shitty Label Compilations Ago
V/A - Save The Vinyl (#180/200)
V/A - Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club Sampler
V/A - The Fest 8

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recent Vinyl Pick Ups

Our band got booted off the show in Lancaster PA tonight. Fuck the Chameleon Club. So instead I went to Mr. Suit records and picked up the following 7"

Boris The Sprinkler - Drugs & Masturbation (3rd press on blue 1000 pressed. Fun goofey pop punk) $2.99
Boris The Sprinkler - Male Model $4.99
Down By Law - Punky Brewster (if you dont know this band, your missing out) $2.99
Everready - County Transit System (mutant pop. black. 1500 pressed) $2.99
For Sale - Bargain EP $1
Stripped Basstards - Lessons Learned $1
Nooner / Houseboy - split (clear. I already have this on pink) $3.99
Sidecar / Trigger Happy (fast music) $2.99
The 4-Squares / The Bollweevils - carol EP (dr strange records) $2.99

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Diversions - Here It Is LP

Front cover
Back Cover

ARTIST: The Diversions
TITLE: Here It Is
LABEL: D.M. Records
YEAR: 1984
GENRE: power pop / ska

About 2 years ago or so I bought a box of records at an auction for a few disco records to sell. I found this in here and thought I would give it a listen before I put it on ebay. I enjoyed it enough to add it to my personal collection. 80's style power pop that is heavy on the reggae and ska influences.

The Diversions also released another 7" with songs from this album. Only released on vinyl

1. Hearts Like That
2. Painting Myself Into A Corner
3. Solar Eclipse
4. Rudie
5. Money
6. Milo's
7. Surfin' Pharaohs
8. I Still Got Friends
9. Dance
10. The Saint
11. Hangin' Around
12. Skydive


Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Ages - All Ages EP CD

ARTIST: All Ages
TITLE: All Ages
YEAR: 2004
GENRE: pop punk / melodic punk
PRESSING INFO: This was given away free with an issue of AMP magazine.

No I am not dead. Just very busy with work, and playing in a band. So don't worry, I didn't give up!

I received this in an issue of AMP magazine back a few years ago. That zine used to be awesome. Now it isnt very good. Anyways I haven't found any info on All Ages, but its some great melodic pop punk similar to older slick shoes and stuff that was on new school records.

1. The Same Inside
2. Your Future's A Daydream Away
3. What's Become Of Us
4. Dirty
5. One Night
6. Sexism Disguised As Tradition.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

V/A - The Fearless Flush Sampler CD (1997)

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: The Fearless Flush Sampler
LABEL: Fearless Records
YEAR: 1997
GENRE: Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore

It seems these blog entries are getting farther and farther apart. Thats ok, I still have a never ending supply of great music for the masses to hear.

A few years ago (probably like 8 or so) I was at a punk show in Mechanicsburg at a community center. For the life of me I cannot seem to remember the name! Anywho, there was a band from CT that had a HUGE box of CD's for sale at $2 a pop. I ended up pulling out this CD, and A Tribute To Your Mom (which I'll post in this blog eventually). He didnt have any change for my $10, so I ended up buying these for $1 a piece. Rare OOP compilations always make me smile. This compilation started my search for the elusive Drunk in Public full length (which I posted in this blog earlier). Its a great comp with some unreleased songs.

Fearless Records was a great label until they started releasing those horrible "punk goes....whatever is trendy this week" cover compilations.

1. Chuck - Punk Rock In Your Face
2. Glue Gun - The Scene Is Not For Sale
3. Strung Out - Jacqueline
4. 30footfall - Punk Rocks In Yer Head
5. Straight Faced - Convictions
6. Blount - Discouragement
7. Drunk In Public - Everyday
8. Bigwig - 1-800-Whipped
9. White Kaps - Dork
10. Dead Lazlo's Pl. - Waiting For Armo
11. Grabbers - Better Life
12. Strung Out - Season Of The Witch
13. Glue Gun - Life Sentence
14. Chuck - Armistace Day
15. Straight Faced - Regret
16. Blount - Time Spent
17. White Kaps - Disco Ball
18. Bigwig - Old Lady
19. Drunk In Public - Dreaming
20. Grabbers - Thanks
21. Straight Faced - Standing On The Edge
22. Dead Lazlo's Pl. - PB&J
23. White Kaps - Date Rape
24. 30footfall - Dancing With Myself


Sunday, September 20, 2009

V/A - Cash, Gash & Thrash Comp 7"

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: Cash, Gash & Thrash
LABEL: Grand Theft Audio
YEAR: 1998
PRESSING INFO: First pressings were hand numbered on the back to 1011.

It seems as though the thrash and grind type music is the most popular on this blog. So I was digging through my 7" comps and found this. I totally forgot I had it. Mainly because I'm clearing out some of my records and wanted to sell this.

I believe I purchased this a few years ago off of ebay. But I'm not entirely sure. Relativity short comp with 5 tracks of thrash/grind. I think there was only one pressing on black.

1. Wadge - Middle Of Nowhere
2. Utter Bastard - Wammie Bar Song
3. Fallout - Punk Scene 90210
4. B.A.T. - Bad Acid Trip
5. P.E.L.M.E. - Liquidating Angel


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bedford - Smiles Are The Batteries CD (1998)

ARTIST: Bedford
TITLE: Smiles Are The Batteries
LABEL: Keystone Ember Records
YEAR: 1998
GENRE: pop punk /emo
PRESSING INFO: First pressing on Keystone Ember. Boss Tunage also issued this CD as a second pressing.

I really dont know much about Bedford. I do know they have a few more albums and some singles out. So check them out! They remind me of early 90's pop punk with some late 90's emo stuff in the mix. Download it!