Sunday, November 15, 2009

V/A - From Brooklyn With Love CD (Compilation)

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: From Brooklyn With Love
LABEL: Dying Wish Records
YEAR: 2001
GENRE: Punk / Emo / Power Pop

I usually know where all my albums come from. Such as where I bought it and how much. This is the exception to the rule. I have no idea where I bought this. I keep thinking it was at a record store somewhere. But who knows.

Anyways this compilation was released in benefit of the 9/11 victims. This includes some rare tracks and some bands I cannot seem to find. As you can tell, I just copied and pasted the track listing because I am a lazy ass.

1 Bayside - Count The Score

2 Lost North Star - Fade Away Broken

3 Atkins Lane - Between Here And There

4 Brand New - The Shower Scene

5 Reunion Show, The - Dedication

6 Stopwatch - Maybe The Best

7 Dirt Bike Annie - All Systems Go

8 5 Cent Deposit - Stupid Me

9 Nixon Rules - They

10 Clearview 77 - Dead End Chump

11 Allister - Stuck

12 Copeland - That Awful Memory Of Yours

13 Yellowcard - For Pete's Sake

14 Outline (6) - A Boy Can Dream

15 Different Strokes - Spring Never Felt So Warm

16 Hissyfits, The - Superstar

17 Finch (2) - Letters To You

18 Go Real Slow - As For Me

19 Bayside - Advance Letter Goodbye

20 Whippersnapper - Steady The Walls

21 Taking Back Sunday - The Blue Channel (demo version)

22 A Dying Day Dream - The Cost Of Caring And The Price Of Being Rejected By Bad Credit


SpUnK said...

thanks for this blog, it's awesome. most of all i like local pop punk bands and i found lots of rare albums here.
unfortunately rapidshare links in old posts are dead and it would be nice if you could renew them.
thanks once again bro!
by the way we are running a blog too, here it is -

Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

hey thanks for reading my blog! Eventually I will be updating a lot of my old links. I will also be posting more rare pop punk

Anonymous said...

link dead bro demmit

mitchelldotcom said...

anyway to re-up this?

Laina Raine said...

I can name the 3 guys on the cover photo for you.. From left to right.. Max Wightman, Jake Wallace and Rob Schipano.. If you don't have the actual songs I can probably get them for you..

Laina Raine said...

Oh just re read your post.. You already have the cd :D Silly me..