Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bladder Control - Electrocarnivorous 7" EP

ARTIST: Bladder Control
TITLE: Electrocarnivorous
LABEL: Beef Eater Records
YEAR: ???
GENRE: industrial / electronic
PRESSING INFO: one pressing of 700. 500 were on black and 200 were on white vinyl. The 200 on white were hand numbered.

I am terrible at describing music. So I will just copy and paste what it says in the insert about this band. BUT FIRST I will give a little back story on how and why I acquired this release. On my yearly trip to philly for CZW's cage of death, I always stop by the philly record exchange. They always have a decent selection of super cheap punk 7". I grabbed this for 25 cents because it had a wrestling cover. And since I collect records with wrestling covers, it was right up my alley. If you didnt know, the wrestlers are Superstar Billy graham and Dusty Rhodes. And I happened to pick up the white vinyl version. Mine is hand numbered 41/200. I still cant find the black vinyl version.

OK here is what the sheet says " a one man electro-industrial horror show. This gruesome release features a fast driving cover version of Black Sabbath's "Warning" + 3 others. Add samples from "The Love Boat", public access TV & someones toilet+ drum machines, tape loops & creepy distorted vocals, and this one can't be missed"

I am not a fan of the music, but it's pretty rare plus it has a wrestling cover. Download it and yell at me if you'd like.

1. Exciting / S.O.V.
2. Warning
3. De De De

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Emergency! Action Boys - S/T 7"

ARTIST: Emergency! Action Boys
TITLE: Emergency! Action Boys
LABEL: Dead Tank Records
CATALOG #: 016
GENRE: Indie / Emo
PRESSING INFO: I think 1 pressing on clear vinyl

I'm late again. At least this time I have a legitimate excuse! Here is yet another release that was included back a few years ago when I would buy huge 7" lots off of eBay for my distro. I included scans of everything that was included in the release. I also did a search for these guys and came up with basically nothing. If you like braid, and grade and stuff of that nature. You will probably enjoy this!