Thursday, April 15, 2010

5 Cent Deposit - Your Mother Likes Us When We're Drunk CD

ARTIST: 5 Cent Deposit
TITLE: Your Mother Likes Us When We're Drunk
LABEL: Vu Du Records
YEAR: 1999
CATALOG: 091399
GENRE: Pop Punk / Melodic Punk
PRESSING INFO: This is the first pressing with 24 tracks and 3 extra tracks. Tank records re-released this album in 2000 with only 16 tracks.

I'm back everybody! My music collection is almost organized, and I have a ton of music to add to the blog. I will do my best to update this a few times a week. But with a new house comes plenty of new responsibilities. Like mowing, and cleaning and all that crap. I honestly forgot what releases I have posted on this blog since it started. So I may start deleting old post and starting over. Unless there is a big outcry (check the Budget - Eepee entry) then I will keep it.

I first heard about 5 Cent Deposit on an old comp called "A Tribute To Your Mom" and thought it was pretty good. So I searched out their releases. I ended up buying this from a guy online for $5. Not bad considering its pretty hard to find in the original pressing form.

Here is what the boys from 5 Cent Deposit had to say about this release:
This was our first release that we put out ourselves. We pretty much went into the studio and recorded every single song that we had at the time. This was a very educational experience recording in a "real" studio for the first time. I think we really learned a lot from the sessions of recording this album, especially the horrors of trying to do 24 songs! We let go of our original bass player during the recording of this record, and along with our engineer Mike (who would soon become our bassists for a short lived time), we all platooned to finish up the bass tracks. There are fond memories from this recording session. Ah the joys of being young and musically ignorant....."yeah sure, that part sounds fine, next!"

Lots of good pop punk / melodic punk mix here. So download it.

1. Things Ain't Fine
2. Bird On A Wire
3. Stupid Me
4. Happy Together (Originally by The Turtles)
5. Pisshead
6. Waiting For The No
7. I Don't Care
8. Whores
9. WTF
10. I Grow Down
11. The In Crowd
12. Out Of My Head
13. America
14. Gutter Christ
15. So Lonely
16. Dirty Little Pigs
17. Top Gun
18. Waste Away
19. Catastrophe
20. Blu
21. Turn Your Back
22. Hate My World
23. Opening Song
24. Go To Hell