Sunday, January 3, 2010

Triple Bypass! - Memories We Never Had

back cover

ARTIST: Triple Bypass!
TITLE: Memories We Never Had
LABEL: Whoa Oh Records
CATALOG #: 701
YEAR: 1998
GENRE: Punk / pop punk
PRESSING INFO: I believe this was only pressed on clear red vinyl.

If you enjoy pop punk, you have probably heard of Whoa Oh Records. They have put out releases by bands such as The Ergs! and The Unlovables.

Triple Bypass are a New York pop punk band. They also released an album (which was Whoa Oh's first release) titled "yeah, yeah, yeah. punk rock, big deal". Also produced by Dirt Bike Adam (from Dirt Bike Annie). Includes a fun cover of Earth Angel.

Although some people say this is often underrated, I disagree. Underrated, no, overlooked, yes. If you like this, head over to Interpunk quick and this 7" is on sale for $2!

1. You, Me, And The Dailtone
2. Disney World
3. I Don't Wanna Goto The Prom
4. Earth Angel.