Thursday, November 20, 2008

Green Day - Dookie (demos!!!)

I don't have any pictures or any other info. None of these versions were ever released. And some of them were rerecorded a few years later in 1997! And these were recorded in late 1993 and early 1994. So you get to see what was originally planned for dookie!! So here you go cuz im a nice guy. Below is the story behind it, well thats about it actually

What I have here is the demo tape that Green Day used to shop around for record labels for the album Dookie. It has demo versions of both tracks that were used on the album and tracks that were not. This is a very interesting piece of Green Day history. If you listen to the vocals, it sounds much more like it should be recordings for Kerplunk or 39/Smooth. Enjoy!

TRACK LISTING: (all these songs are demo versions)
1. Having A Blast
2. When I Come Around
3. Longview
4. Burnout
5. Basket case
6. Haushinka (finally released on nimrod in 1997. this is the dookie demo version. Also different lyrics)
7. JAR (you can hear billie joe laughing in background after the song)
8. She
9. Pulling Teeth (longer version)
10. Sassafras Roots
11. Walkin' The Dog (this was never released)
12. Don't Wanna Fall in Love (I believe this was a B-side for insomniac singles)
13. F.O.D.
14. Instrumental (this was never released)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Presidents - Ca Plane Pour Moi CD

Here is another piece from my Presidents collection. I am trying to get everything they have ever released. And will be posting parts of my collection up here. Especially the rare pieces.

This came in a cardboard sleeve with no insert. The title track is a cover of Plastic Beltran. The other 3 songs were previously released on their self titled album. Seems hard to find, but not valuable. Around $4-$6

PRESSING INFO: Released in France in 1996 on Columbia records.

1. Ca Plane Pour Moi
2. Feather Pluckn (Live)
3. Boll Weevil (live)
4. Dune Buggy (live)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Scratch - Scratch CD 1993

Here is another one to file under the "rock" category and it isn't punk rock per se. This is one from my old distro days and not from my personal collection. It seems impossible to find though. If you like hard rock, bands like pearl jam, Alice in chains and the such then you will like this. The only reason I included it, is because like I said, its impossible to find.

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1993 on Ridgemont Recordings. Tom Hamilton helped produce this. He was the producer for a lot of the Taang! Records releases back in the day.

1. Nettle Hill
2. Wrong foot
3. Samething
4. Centralia
5. Wish
6. 13 Reasons
7. Roller