Thursday, December 25, 2008

June 26th Flyer

If you click on the flyer, you get a full size picture that you can print out! I'm not really much of a fan of the Chameleon or CI flyers. Most of the time the artwork is the same. The only band I recognize is We Were Skeletons. They were a screamo band from Lancaster I believe. Any reviews of this show? Or info about the bands??

V/A - Nevermind the Bollocks in 1994 CD

Here is my first post of Finnish punk! I got this comp at megatronix back when they had their 3 for $5 sale. I never heard of any of the bands until this point. Finnish punk, with a '77 style sound. I have a copy of this for sale or trade if anybody is interested. $3 or trade!

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1994 on Alternative Action Records. AA022. Probably 1000 or so pressed.

1. Unborn-SF - Kohti Krumpujen
2. Goredoctore - Hautausmaa
3. Terveet Kadet - Searching for the End of the World
4. Hybrid Children - TV Show '91
5. The Brats - Chainsaw Brain Surgeon
6. Unborn-SF - Kene Joukoissa Seisot?
7. GND - Tonight
8. Unborn-SF - Verinen Rakkaus
9. Gordoctore - S/M Party
10. Terveet Kadet - The Leader 2
11. The Brats - Gimme a Break
12. GND - Nevertheless
13. Goredoctore - Bibana Anssi
14. Hybrid Children - Ghouls Night Out
15. Unborn-SF - Ala Valita Paskapuheista

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Juen 21st 2008 Chameleon Club

Here is my first flier post. I'm not gonna post much about the fliers. I was looking through mine and realized I had a few hundred I would love to show other people. And here is one way to do it. I didn't go to this show. Anybody have a review on it?

V/A - Cause That's The Way You Like It Baby CD

Back a few years ago when I had my distro I ended up buying the remaining stock from another out of NJ. And I ended up with about 7 copies of this. I sold a few and decided to actually open one up and check it out for myself. This has a lot of good stuff on it. I'm a huge fan of I Farm so I had to add this to my collection. Mostly punk rock, but has a few pop punk tracks as well. If you like this, I think I still have 2 sealed copies for sale or trade

PRESSING INFO: Released back in 1996 on Crap Records. CRAP001. Their first release.

1. I Farm - She's Over You (Ithaca, NY)
2. I Farm - Girl I'm Gonna Marry
3. I Farm - Shotdown
4. I Farm - Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams)
5. Six-o-Seven - Anyway (Binghamton, NY)
6. Six-o-Seven - Clueless
7. Smak - Frown (Ithaca, NY)
8. Smak - Wreck
9. End of One - True (Woodmere, NY)
10. End of One - Eclipse
11. Nerd - Dammit, This is the Last Time I'm Gonna Show You (Ithaca, NY)
12. Nerd - Welcome Home Race Fans
13. Nerd - Habit
14. Secret Sqrrrl - Play it Off (Ithaca, NY)
15. Secret Sqrrrl - TV Boy
16. Buglite - Woodchuck (Brookhaven, PA)
17. Thirsty - Girl I Think I Like (Berkeley Hts, NJ)
18. Thirsty - I See You
19. Thirsty - Thirsty