Saturday, December 5, 2009

V/A - Girls Kick Ass! CD

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: Girls Kick Ass!
LABEL: Punk Rock Onion Records
YEAR: 1999
GENRE: Pop punk / punk

Let's be honest. Punk Rock Onion is a terrible name for a label. But at least they put out this awesome comp. Over on the pop punk bored, there was a guy selling leftover stuff from his distro. I picked up a bunch of really hard to find pop punk comps and albums for really cheap. This was I believe $3 for a sealed copy. It does have some really good pop punk songs on it. And its about girls! So why not download it?

The best tracks or #5, #10, and #16.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Down By Law - Down By Law LP

ARTIST: Down By Law
TITLE: Down By Law
LABEL: Epitaph
CATALOG: 86441-1
GENRE: Punk / Melodic Punk
PRESSING INFO: I believe this was only pressed on black vinyl. If there are other variations I would love to know! Also released on CD and cassette

Seriously, this has to be one of the best punk bands to come out in the last 20 years. I don't care what anybody says. I fucking love this band.

Composed of Dave Smalley (Dag Nasty, DYS, All) and former members of the chemical people. I'm sure everybody has heard at least a few of their songs on Punk-O-Rama comps and G-Kart Records comps. They are still around but don't seem to put out much new material.

This is an amazing punk album with lots of melody and emotion. I will post more Down By Law albums in the future.