Friday, January 18, 2013

Ghoti Hook - No Date EP 1994

Ghoti Hook were one of those christian pop punk bands that were all the rage in the mid 1990's. And not that I have anything wrong with that. Some amazing music came out of the underground Christian punk scene. I actually picked this up for 50 cents at a yard sale in York, PA a few years ago of all places.

This is a self release cassette from 1994 and only features 4 songs. 2 of the songs are good, and the other 2 not so good. However I included all of them for archiving purposes. I'm not sure how many were released, but I think it was also released on CD. Both sides of the cassette feature the same 4 songs.

Ooklah The Punk and Spice Drops were featured on their first full Length "Sumo Surprise".

1. Ooklah The Punk
2. Pride
3. Be Good
4. Spice Drops.