Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lost Cause

I was going to upload some of my Lost Cause demo tapes, but realized that over on the punk archives, all their demos and then some were posted for your listening pleasure! So I thought to myself, why not post a link? Since I'm lazy and Steve did his homework. So please, go check out his blog and download Lost Cause!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Projectile Disfunction - Demo CD

ARTIST: Projectile Disfuntion
YEAR: Unknown
GENRE: Punk / Thrash punk

Projectile Disfunction were a fast punk band out of Hanover PA. Hanover used to have such a great punk rock scene. I remember going to shows at Crash's Deli, The Go Point and many basement shows. Seems as though most of it just died off. Which is a shame.

This is a CD demo that was sold for around $1 at their shows. They also released a CD titled "Shut Up and Play". Which you probably could contact them (they have a myspace) and they would sell you a copy. I saw them a few times at the Hanover Library. Another place I miss.

Fast old school style punk rock with some thrash influences.

If you couldn't tell, I just stole pictures from their myspace page.

Justin - Vocals
Phill - Guitar
Sawyer - Drums
Jim - Bass

1. Losing The Human Race
2. Drug Dealers
3. Do You Wanna Die?
4. The Domino Effect