Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bouncing Souls - Johnny X 7"

ARTIST: Bouncing Souls
TITLE: Johnny X
LABEL: BYO / Chunksaah
GENRE: Punk / Pop Punk
PRESSING INFO: Only pressed on black. Lots of different pressings, but all of them are exactly the same.

You know the Bouncing Souls. I really do not have to give a speech about how amazing this band is. This is one of their older releases that is out of print. Although I'm sure it will be back in print soon. Only 3 songs, but its still pretty awesome.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Spazz - Sweatin II: Deported Live Dwarf CD

TITLE: Sweatin' II: Deported Live Dwarf
LABEL: 625 Thrashcore
CATALOG: 62551
GENRE: Powerviolence / Thrashcore
PRESSING INFO: 3000 pressed on CD

Spazz were a crazy powerviolence band that had a ton of releases. Probably the most I have seen in a hardcore type band. This release contains the Dwarf Jester Rising LP, Spazz / Subversion Split CD and a live radio show from 1999

The Fest 8 in Gainseville FL

So our band drove down to Gainesville Floirda from PA so we could hopefully get to play a show. We got to play an awesome show in front of about 200 in a warehouse. I also got to see New Bruises, Les Than Jake, Dillinger Four and Magrudergrind. So all in all it was an amazing trip.

The main reason I am updating this blog is because of the finds I got down there. Here ya go!

All You Can Eat - Ballinger (Little Deputy. Black)
Blink 182 - They Came To Conquer Uranus (Grilled Cheese. Blue vinyl.
Good Riddance - Gidget (Little Deputy. Black. Pretty sure this is a reissue)
Off With Their Heads - Live At The Atlantic Volume 2 (Limited edition hand # 5/80. Light green)
Off With Their Heads - Live At The Atlantic Volume 2 (green vinyl. hand #575/650)
J Church / Sound on Sound - Split (pink vinyl. 500 pressed)

Avail - Live at the Kings Head Inn (black)

Off With Their Heads - All Things Toward Their End (Purple)
Off With Their Heads - Hospitals (Grey)
The Gaslight Anthem - Sing or Swim (clear)
Rehasher - Rehasher (green and white split)

Deadsure - from your head to your sacrum
Over It - The Ready Series
Spoke - Done
The Crumbs - Gold That shit right
The Revisions - Revised Observations
The 'Tone - Heres Another Reason
True North - Somewhat Similar

V/A - Fountains of Folly
V/A - Four Score And Four Shitty Label Compilations Ago
V/A - Save The Vinyl (#180/200)
V/A - Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club Sampler
V/A - The Fest 8