Monday, November 2, 2009

Spazz - Sweatin II: Deported Live Dwarf CD

TITLE: Sweatin' II: Deported Live Dwarf
LABEL: 625 Thrashcore
CATALOG: 62551
GENRE: Powerviolence / Thrashcore
PRESSING INFO: 3000 pressed on CD

Spazz were a crazy powerviolence band that had a ton of releases. Probably the most I have seen in a hardcore type band. This release contains the Dwarf Jester Rising LP, Spazz / Subversion Split CD and a live radio show from 1999


convertido said...

When I firt heard Spazz I thought they were some sort of a joke band. Short intense blast of music with snarky song titles and lyrics deliever in a completely unintelligible style. Then after my buddy told me that we (I was just the shit-worker) were going to be putting out a Spazz LP, Dwarf Jester, I thought ok maybe they are not a joke after all. Then I saw them live and they absolutely kicked-my-disbelieving-ass! While I the whole genre to me is a bit stale, I will never again doubt the mighty Spazz; still though once was enough as I am not sure they could be that good a second time.

Karl Bakla said...

holy crap! Spazz rules!

Tronstermonster said...

DUDE! PLEASE UPLOAD THE STUFF INSIDE THE BOOKLET!!!!! PLEEEEEAAASSEEE!!! I NEED THE LYRICS TO EPIC!! also spazz is one of my favorite bands of all time.