Saturday, March 21, 2009

Impressions - Anthems of a Failed System 7"

ARTIST: Impressions
TITLE: Anthems of a Failed System
LABEL: Hobson's Choice
PRESSING INFO: I believe only 500 pressed on red splatter vinyl.
GENRE: fast punk / thrash

No, this is not the same impressions that released a slew of crappy releases in the 50's through the 70's. This is a thrash band. A lot of the wording is in another language so I dont know much else about this release. It has some thrash parts, but the music is mostly fast punk rock.

The cover was made out of a cardboard popcorn box. So I'm sure there are a a ton of variations of this out there. It is numbered on the inside. Mines is #427 so I'm assuming that around 500 were pressed.

1. Won't Rule My Life
2. Still Oppressed
3. Subhuman
4. Mechanism vs Activism
5. What We've Built
6. Dynasty
7. Cerebral Death (Medial Transplantation cover)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stole Your Woman - In Your Box CD

ARTIST: Stole Your Woman
TITLE: In Your Box
LABEL: Takeover Records
YEAR: 2002
GENRE: Pop punk / power pop

Back about a year ago I was flipping through the $1 CD's at The Championship when I noticed this one. I knew Craigs Brother was on Takeover Records, and this sorta looked like a pop punk kinda release, so I said what the hell. For $1 what do I have to lose. Except $1 of course. The first time I listened to it I remember not liking it. I don't know why. I listened to it a second time about 3 weeks ago and thought it was some really good power pop/ pop punk! Funny how things work out. They are still around and they were on Warped Tour a few times with Yellowcard. This is one of their early releases. It seems to be pretty easy to find.

They also have a music video for the song "Lost and Found World". I was going to post it here, but its not on this release. So if you want to see it, it is on youtube.

1. A Change in Me
2. Dirty
3. Lets Eat Lots
4. Empty
5. Nice Shoes...
6. Rescuers Downunder
7. Frustrated
8. Lights Out
9. Shut Up
10. I Think I Tried
11. Neverending

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kerosene 454 - Blown Clean 7" 1994

ARTIST: Kerosene 454
TITLE: Blown Clean
LABEL: Firepower Products
CATALOG: Unknown
YEAR: 1994
GENRE: Early Emo
PRESSING INFO: Black vinyl

I picked this up at City Lights Records in State College PA a few years ago. I had never heard this bands music, but read that they were one of the fathers of the emo genre. I think I paid something around 2 or 3 bucks for it. I thought it was a decent record, although not something I would get to crazy about. They were a staple in the DC emo scene between 1993-1998. They also released a few other 7"s and a few LP's as well. Later on they started to get better and chruned out some great post-hardcore stuff.

You probably can find this release at a record store or ebay for under $5. I recomend picking it up.