Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Amp Fuse - Self Titled 7"

ARTIST - 30 Amp Fuse
TITLE - 30 Amp Fuse
LABEL - The Arena Rock Recording Company
YEAR - 1996/1997?
PRESSING INFO - Gray marble vinyl

I just recently picked up this LP on my annual trip to Philadelphia for CZW Cage of Death. I believe I bought this from Repo Records, and for only $3.99. I was pleasently surprised when I drop the needle on this record. I was expecting a more polished power pop sound, as was the case with Wind Up. However this has a harsher more pop punk sound to it.

This seems pretty hard to find, but not impossible. I'm not sure how many were pressed but It seems it was only pressed on gray marble. The zip file contains scans of the inserts, as well as all 3 tracks!

A1. Whatever It Was
B1. Stereogram
B2. A Good Flying Bird