Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Midnight Drive - Midnight Drive CD (Self Released 2001)

I remember seeing these guys at The Go Point in Hanover PA back in the day. Unfortunately I do not have that flyer. Yuck . What I remember most is that they turned off ALL the lights and had 1 small lamp in the middle of them all. I don't remember how good they were live though. The CD has 6 tracks of old school type screamo. The songs are long (over 4 minutes) but they are really good. If you like saetia, you and I and bands like that but more crude and garagy, check these guys out.

PRESSING INFO: Self released in 2001 sometime. Probably over the summer. Recorder at Aberdien studios of March 2001. Probably around 100 or so were released.

1. Brushing Against Fingertips
2. Highways
3. Tonight We Die
4. Auroraphobia
5. Invisible Ultraviolet
6. Midsummer Aesthetic