Saturday, November 15, 2008

V/A - Third Party Straight Edge 2006 CD

If you are a thrashcore fan, and you do not know Third Party Records by now, then shame on you! In my opinion, Third Party is one of the best labels for thrashcore and fastcore records. SxE thrash and fastcore that is! So if you don't know them by now, please go check them out! Nick, the guy who runs third party is also a nice guy who does this for the music. So like I said, download this, and buy some of their records!

PRESSING INFO: Given away for free to people who ordered stuff in 2006.

1. Blank Stare - White Corpse
2. Blank Stare - Cowards
3. Pointing Finger - Transcend
4. Pointing Finger - Another Reason
5. Hostage Situation - Living The Life
6. Hostage Situation - Fuck What You Think of Me
7. FPO - One Beautiful Day
8. FPO - Come On Girls
9. Positive Reinforcement - Worse Case Scenario of a Waste of Life
10. Positive Reinforcement - A Timely Reminder
11. Bad Business - Spring Break
12. Bad Business - Journey to the Center of the Earth
13. Still Ill - Miserable
14. Still Ill - Half Asleep
15. Get It Away - Malt Liquor BS
16. Get It Away - Mamon
17. Black SS - I Want Out
18. Black SS - Bullshit Rites of Passage
19. No Goal - Learn
20. No Goal - No Goal / No God

Friday, November 14, 2008

Budget - Eeepee CD 1998

Another fine addition to the pop punk list. I first heard budget on a comp by destined to fail recordings called "going nowhere fast". Which is still one of my favorite all time comps and will be featured on a future entry. These guys are from California. Although this album seems impossible to find, it was produced by Joey Cape (yes the guy from Lagwagon). It is very well produced. 4 tracks of punk with pop sensibilities. Check it out! It's Good!!

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1998 on Wonder Dog Records.

1. Sold
2. Stuttering
3. Tribe
4. Word of Mouth

reupped on 12-29-2009

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

V/A - Go On Dive In CD

V/A - Go On Dive In (In at the Deep End Records 2002) CD

I love comps. No doubt about it, comps are the best way to hear new music, and bands you may have never knew about. And whenever I have a chance to listen to, or buy a comp, I usually do it. Here is one all the way from the UK. I got this back when it was first released. I contacted them about possibly buying some stuff for my distro and the sent me this for free. After that the distro went on hiatus and I never got a chance to wholesale their goods. Anyways this is a great sampler with screamo, pop punk, indie, metal and straight up punk. This label had it all! The best songs IMO are #3, 6, 8, and 9.

PRESSING INFO: Given away for free back in 2002. All you had to do was ask them for one. Released on In at the Deep End Records. The CD is a blank label CD with just a small sticker on it.

1. And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - Pinned Down & Under Fire
2. Beecher - Megadrive vs Snes
3. The Killerest Expression - Sid's Song
4. The Osterman Weekend - Milestone
5. The Devils - Ewan's Song
6. The Lief Ericsson - Sleeping With My Friends
7. Steel Rules Die - A Mile A Minute
8. Send More Paramedics - Zombified
9. Lovejunk - Ethan & Emma
10. Jailcell Recipes - Arm Twister
11. The Wireless Stores - The Speed of Sound