Saturday, November 15, 2008

V/A - Third Party Straight Edge 2006 CD

If you are a thrashcore fan, and you do not know Third Party Records by now, then shame on you! In my opinion, Third Party is one of the best labels for thrashcore and fastcore records. SxE thrash and fastcore that is! So if you don't know them by now, please go check them out! Nick, the guy who runs third party is also a nice guy who does this for the music. So like I said, download this, and buy some of their records!

PRESSING INFO: Given away for free to people who ordered stuff in 2006.

1. Blank Stare - White Corpse
2. Blank Stare - Cowards
3. Pointing Finger - Transcend
4. Pointing Finger - Another Reason
5. Hostage Situation - Living The Life
6. Hostage Situation - Fuck What You Think of Me
7. FPO - One Beautiful Day
8. FPO - Come On Girls
9. Positive Reinforcement - Worse Case Scenario of a Waste of Life
10. Positive Reinforcement - A Timely Reminder
11. Bad Business - Spring Break
12. Bad Business - Journey to the Center of the Earth
13. Still Ill - Miserable
14. Still Ill - Half Asleep
15. Get It Away - Malt Liquor BS
16. Get It Away - Mamon
17. Black SS - I Want Out
18. Black SS - Bullshit Rites of Passage
19. No Goal - Learn
20. No Goal - No Goal / No God

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