Friday, November 14, 2008

Budget - Eeepee CD 1998

Another fine addition to the pop punk list. I first heard budget on a comp by destined to fail recordings called "going nowhere fast". Which is still one of my favorite all time comps and will be featured on a future entry. These guys are from California. Although this album seems impossible to find, it was produced by Joey Cape (yes the guy from Lagwagon). It is very well produced. 4 tracks of punk with pop sensibilities. Check it out! It's Good!!

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1998 on Wonder Dog Records.

1. Sold
2. Stuttering
3. Tribe
4. Word of Mouth

reupped on 12-29-2009


Anonymous said...

Link doesn't work, it would be awesome if you could repost this. Been looking for this for years.

Anonymous said...

reupp +1

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