Sunday, September 20, 2009

V/A - Cash, Gash & Thrash Comp 7"

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: Cash, Gash & Thrash
LABEL: Grand Theft Audio
YEAR: 1998
PRESSING INFO: First pressings were hand numbered on the back to 1011.

It seems as though the thrash and grind type music is the most popular on this blog. So I was digging through my 7" comps and found this. I totally forgot I had it. Mainly because I'm clearing out some of my records and wanted to sell this.

I believe I purchased this a few years ago off of ebay. But I'm not entirely sure. Relativity short comp with 5 tracks of thrash/grind. I think there was only one pressing on black.

1. Wadge - Middle Of Nowhere
2. Utter Bastard - Wammie Bar Song
3. Fallout - Punk Scene 90210
4. B.A.T. - Bad Acid Trip
5. P.E.L.M.E. - Liquidating Angel