Monday, June 18, 2012

Plague Of Shadows - Demo 2005 CDr

This release is a little bit different than most that I post on this blog. Although my collection consists of mainly pop punk and power pop, I do however have a large chunk of rockabilly, garage, grindcore, thrash, death metal, and even some country and blues. This however is a lone wolf in the collection.

I do believe this is my only metalcore release in my collection. To be honest, I always hated metalcore. But this release isnt all that bad, and has some fast parts which I really seem to enjoy. I picked this up at a show back in 2005 at the Champion Ship in Lemoyne PA.

Self released in 2005 on a CDr. It sounds like a home recording, but there are production and mixing credits. Probably not more than 100 or so released. 2 tracks, so its pretty short. But download it and let me know what everybody thinks.

And if you like this, the band is still around so check them out.