Monday, August 26, 2013

Boxingwater Re-up

I also just re-upped the Boxingwater S/T CD for everybody!

V/A - Four Score and Four Shitty Label Compilations Ago CD

First I would like to say, I am not dead....Yet. As you can tell, I haven't updated the blog in almost 4 months. There is a reason for that. I have been going through a lot of personal shit. And was a wreck for a long time there. I know nobody wants to hear my sob story. But all I will say is the girl I was with for 8 years, was cheating on me for like the last 5 of it. Crazy. However.... Here is a comp to tide you all over. I've got my head straight finally so I'll keep up to date on this. I bought this comp at The Fest 8 in Gainsville. It's a really good comp, but the track listing is fucked up somewhere. I've been too lazy to figure it out. But give it a listen!