Monday, June 29, 2009

The Shrooms - 5 Years of Anxiety 7"

ARTIST: The Shrooms
TITLE: 5 Years of Anxiety
LABEL: Cool Guy Records
YEAR: 1997
GENRE: Punk / Pop Punk
PRESSING INFO: 660 pressed on root beer vinyl

I actually have been trying to update this more. For some reason blogger hasnt been working for me lately. So here is another long over due entry!

I bought this off ebay in a huge ass 7" pop punk lot (you have already seen some of what I bought). This is a pretty good mix of pop punk, and punk rock. I would say this is a rootbeer style color vinyl, but others have called it clear brown.

660 were pressed and the b-side labels were hand numbered. Mine is # 603/660. They released a few other things, and appeared on a ton of pop punk comps.

1. Two Wrongs
2. A Different Place