Thursday, October 15, 2009

All Ages - All Ages EP CD

ARTIST: All Ages
TITLE: All Ages
YEAR: 2004
GENRE: pop punk / melodic punk
PRESSING INFO: This was given away free with an issue of AMP magazine.

No I am not dead. Just very busy with work, and playing in a band. So don't worry, I didn't give up!

I received this in an issue of AMP magazine back a few years ago. That zine used to be awesome. Now it isnt very good. Anyways I haven't found any info on All Ages, but its some great melodic pop punk similar to older slick shoes and stuff that was on new school records.

1. The Same Inside
2. Your Future's A Daydream Away
3. What's Become Of Us
4. Dirty
5. One Night
6. Sexism Disguised As Tradition.