Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Saints - Prodigal Son CD

I decided to slow it up a little bit. The Saints came out of the power pop / punk scene in the late 1970's. I think they were from England. Their earlier stuff was more punk than anything. This is one of their later releases and shows to talent they had for writing music. This is pretty good 80's style melody rock.

PRESSING INFO: Released on TVT records in 1988. TVT 2121CD.

1. Grain Of Sand
2. Music Goes Round My Head
3. Fire And Brimstone
4. Friend of the People
5. Before Hollywood
6. Sold Out
7. Ghost Ships
8. Massacre
9. Tomorrow
10. Stay
11. Shipwreck

Sunday, December 28, 2008

July 23rd Chameleon

The only band I ever heard on this show is "Sadaharu". And I don't like that band. So of course, I didn't go! Anybody have a review of this show? I'll post it on da blog if you send it to me.

Operation: Cliff Clavin - Paradise Lost CD

Here is a band that has a following on the underground punk scene. Mostly the anarchist folk punks. Even though this is some great political pop punk. Sometimes I get annoyed by political punk. Mainly the "the government sucks because I'm punk" type. But this CD is well thought out, great lyrics, and makes plenty of sense. There are also explanations to all the songs which is always a plus. This CD is out of print, and for some reason a little bit difficult to find in decent shape.

Members of this band (Chris and Hannah) went on to form Ghost Mice

PRESSING INFO: Probably 1000 pressed. Released in 1998 on Plan-it-X Records.