Wednesday, November 16, 2011

22 Jacks / Mess - Split 7"

ARTIST: 22 Jacks / Mess
TITLE: Split
LABEL: Last Beat Records
YEAR: 1997
PRESSING INFO: Only Pressed on clear green vinyl

I picked this up for $1 at Double Decker Records earlier in October during my trip to the Allentown records fair. I had heard 22 jacks before but I have never heard Mess before.

22 Jacks was a sort of super group. With members of The Breeders, Face To Face, Wax, The Adolescents, and Royal Crown Revue. Sounds like a damn fin line-up if you ask me

And Mess is actually Darlington, performing as Mess.

The 22 Jacks song is great, as always. The Mess side is good, but I'm not really a big fan of the song Five-O. Still a nice pop punk/power pop release.

I did some research and it seems this was only pressed on clear green vinyl. Not sure how many were pressed.


22 Jacks
1. Passport

1. You're A Drag
2. Five-O

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Allentown Record Convention Finds

I was trying to post pictures but for some reason my computer wants to be a little hectic today. Anyways I'm hoping to update this blog with some more goodies from pop punk past!

Here is a huge list of stuff I bought over the weekend of October 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Allentown.


Beatnik Termites - Lineage (1996)
Beatnik Termites - Strawberry Girl
BG - The Congradulations (625)
Big Al Jano & Secret Lover - The Condom Man (with pic sleeve)
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Crimpshrine - Sleep, Whats That? (Lookout, Berkeley address)
Down By Law - DC Guns (Green marble vinyl)
Face to Face - No Authority (paper stock fire cover)
Face to Face - No Authority (cardboard fire cover)
Fifteen - S/T (Lookout. Original with Laytonville address)
Flatus - Talk Show Hero (green)
Flatus - Walk My Way (1990 Round Records)
Generation X - Dancing With Myself / Ugly Rash (with pic sleeve)
Green Day - 1,000 Hours (Lookout, black vinyl. Original with Laytonville address)
Hit Me Back - 8 Positive Tunes To Shake Your Bo-Bon To (pink tour cover)
Hit Me Back - Only The Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time (625. Banana colored vinyl)
Hit Me Back - Only The Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time (625. Screen printed cover)
Horace Pinker - S/T
Husker Du - Makes No Sense At All / Love Is All Around (with sleeve)
Infect - Estrepito
J Church - Kittums In A Coma (white vinyl)
Lipmonger - Hook, Line and Siker (tour edition on green vinyl # 20/80)
Mcrackins - Best Friend (439/1000)
Mega City Four - There Goes My Happy Marriage (Decoy)
Mulligan Stu - Trailer Park Kings (Rhetoric)
New Found Glory - Listen To Your Friends (white)
No Motiv - S/T (It's Alive)
Operation Ivy - Lint: THe King of Ska
Pinhead Gunpowder - Fahizah EP
Razor's Edge - Thrash March EP
Rex Johnson - Discombobulated / Love Me Little, Love Me Long (Kem)
Sicko - S/T (1993)
Sinkhole - Tumble Mat
Squirtgun - Jingle-Bell Rock (553/1000)
The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun / Talkin Bout You (Pic sleeve only)
The Ick - 4 Song EP (red vinyl, first pressing #22/300)
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed / Who's Knocking At My Door (Mercury 72862)
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed / Who's Knocking At My Door (Mercury 72862..WLP)
The McCoys - Hang On Sloopy / I Can't Explain It (Bang WLP)
The Novas - The Crusher / Take 7 (Parrot)
The Original Knights - Going Fishing / Please Don't Go (Knight)
The Parasites - VML Live
Weston - Teenage Love Affair / Retarded
What Happens Next? - No Cash No Thrash (Found & Lost)
White Kaps - S/T (Fearless)
22 Jacks / Mess - Split (clear green)
Boris The Sprinkler / Sonic Dolls - Split
Charles Bronson / Unanswered - Split (
Clancy 6 / Vincent Prices Oprhan Powered Death Machine - Split (clear)
DS-13 / Code 13 - 13 Song Split (city cover)
Grieving Eucalyptus / The Overdrives - Split (blue cover, black vinyl)
No Motiv / The Choice - Split (Yellow vinyl)
The Assistant / The Scarlet Letter - Split (clear vinyl)
The Connie Dungs / Operation Cliff Clavin - Split (1000 pressed)
The Cyrkle / Paul Revere And The Raiders - Swinging Chevy Circle (with pic sleeve)
True Zero / Jill - Split


Plow United - S/T (LOOOONG time want)
The 4-Squares / Tucan Slam - Doin' Snuff With Roy Scherer (sealed)

V/A - 50's Boppers Reed Recordings (White Label)
V/A - Back From The Grave Vol. 3 (original from the 80's with AD sheet)
V/A - Back From The Grave Vol. 5 (original from the 80's sealed)
V/A - Cruisin' The Drag (Wheel Records)
V/A - The Best Of IGL Garage Rock (Get Hip)
V/A - Wood Panel Pacer Wagon With Mags (Too Many Records)


Millencolin - Home From Home
Millencolin - Kingwood
Millencolin - No Cigar
Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers
Millencolin - The Melancholy Collection
Pulley - Esteem Driven Engine
Pulley - Together Again For The First Time
Randy - THe Human Atom Bombs

V/A - Punk Rock Concoction #2 (hit the switch, critical me, kill the kids..)
V/A - The Underground Exposed (fall out boy, the pushovers, no silence...)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Assistant / The Scarlet Letter - Split 7"

ARTIST: The Assistant / The Scarlet Letter
TITLE: Split
LABEL: Alone Records
YEAR: 2001
PRESSING INFO: Released on clear vinyl, and on black vinyl.

Now it's time for a release for all the screamo fans out there. And not that wimpy whinny shit that plagues the air waves. I'm talking chaotic, fast, poetic, emotional hardcore. And Alone records did it just as good as anybody else.

I picked this up for $3.99 (obviously) at a record store in Philly. Not sure which one though. Probably Repo or something.

The Assistant contribute 1 track to this release. A little over 5 minutes long, but a great screamo track. The Scarlet Letter add a few more. These are more fast hardcore than anything, but are still great.

This was released on black vinyl and on clear vinyl. I am unsure of how many were pressed of each. Also released with a bunch of inserts.

A) The Assistant - Bubblegum Cigars
B) The Scarlet Letter
1. Fifteen Greasy Tubs Of Ribs & The Leather Wallet Conspiracy
2. A Hollow Threat
3. How Is That Fat Muffin-Assed Bastard?
4. Debacle Sound
5. Footprints In The Sand

Monday, July 4, 2011

Antiseen / Hellstompter - Split 7"

ARTIST: Antiseen / Hellstomper
TITLE: Keep It Flying
LABEL: Steel Cage Records
YEAR: 2001
PRESSING INFO: Released on both clear vinyl, and white vinyl.

Another 2 months without an update. The updates should be more frequent now since I've put a lot of my music collection on my computer. Including most of my vinyl collection.

Of course this release is in my collection because of the wrestling cover. Antiseen blast out another great southern punk song. Which includes some lyrics by the country singer Jerry Reed. The Hellstomper song isn't really my cup of tea. But I included it on here because it is a part of the release.

This was released on white vinyl, which I own, and also on clear vinyl, which I want. There may be other pressings of this, but I am unaware of them.

A) Antiseen - Hellstomper
B) Hellstomper - White Line Fever

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Atom And His Package - A Society Of People Named Elihu CD

ARTIST: Atom and His Package
TITLE: A Society of People Named Elihu
LABEL: Mountain / Suzuki Beane
YEAR: 1997
GENRE: electronic punk??
PRESSING INFO: 9000 pressed. Gate fold style CD case.

I don't care what anybody says, I love Atom and His Package. His brand of fun melody driven electronic pop punk has got my 2 thumbs up. I have most of his albums, and I'm working on the 7 inchers

I bought a huge lot of CD's (150 of them suckers) off of the Knock Knock pop punk board a few years ago and it had this in it. Along with 2 other Atom and His Package CD's. This is the second release. It also features a song by Fracture (really good). I have no idea how to put this into a genre. Electro-melodic-pop-punk??

Anyways, I love this CD and I hope you do too. Everybody pretty much knows who this guy is, so I'll spare the regular crap about a history, discography..ect....Also, the reason I'm not going to put the other albums of his I have on here, is because they are easily available on either the labels page, or on interpunk. This seems OOP.

1. Punk Rock Academy
2. Happy Birthday Ralph
3. Goalie
4. 80's Bastard
5. People In This Computer Lab Should Shut The Hell Up
6. Waiting Room
7. Jenny S.
8. Philadelphia
9. Meatball
10. Happy Birthday General
11. Sting Cannot Possibly Be The Same Guy Who Was In The Police
12. Me And My Black Metal Friends
13. 180 lbs
14. Break Down The Walls
15. You Took Me By Surprise
16. Reset The Crotchelator
17. Connor, Welcome
18. No Head
19. Pat And Atom Are Friends
20. No Way DNA

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Anti-Wasteoids - Mindset CD

ARTIST: Anti-Wasteoids
TITLE: Mindset
LABEL: Counter Point Records
YEAR: 2007
GENRE: Posi-core / Hardcore
PRESSING INFO: I believe 1000 were pressed.

Anti-Wasteoids were a youth crew hardcore band from around the Thurmont, MD area. This is their second album. Their first will be featured on this blog eventually.

Before this was released, the Anti-Wasteoids were a 3 piece with Mike on vocals. On this release they are a 4 piece with Evan on vocals and make on guitar. Counterpoint records was their own label out of Littlestown, PA.

If I remember correctly, 1000 of these were pressed.

I got to go to a lot of local shows with these guys and it was always a ton of fun. Decent dudes who loved playing music. The band has since changed their name to Mindset and I'm not sure if there is any original members (maybe Evan?).

Another little fun fact, I was around to do gang vocals on this album. It was a lot of fun and pretty cool to get my name in the liner notes. I also added all artwork in the zip. file.

1. Self Respect Is My Anti-Drug
2. You Only Fail When You Stop Trying
3. How's The Weather Outside?
4. Tradition Dies Here
5. Straight Forward
6. Foster Care
7. Days Gone By
8. 1000 Arms
10. Aint Nothing Wrong With Another Unity Song
11. The Engine
12. Hoodie Nights

Sunday, March 27, 2011

V/A - 2 Sugar Sampler Vol. 2 CD

For some reason my scanner decides it's not going to friggen work this weekend. I wanted to post my usual front and back covers, and the CD as well. But everybody will have to live with a stolen picture from

A while back I saw a ska-punk band called No on 15 in Mechanicsburg PA. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have picked up some of their other releases. But I am a comp junkie and I had to have this. I'm pretty sure it was really cheap. This also introduced me to Fonzie and Jettison. Also, I'm sure everybody who reads this knows, Smackin Isaiah is essentially A Wilhelm Scream

It was released in 2002 on Jumpstart Records. Catalog # JST-037. Its been out of print for a little while now, and seems to be somewhat difficult to get a hold of. Jumpstart Records is still around producing some great punk and easycore.

1. Belvedere - Cellophane Coffin
2. Smackin Isaiah - The Big Fall
3. The Code - Riot
4. The Commercials - The Day Was Ours
5. Fonzie - Drive My Vespa To The Movies
6. No On 15 - Around
7. Deville - Rye & Lake Water
8. No Cigar - Anna
9. Keystone All-Stars - Concrete Rulers
10. The Readymen - Disaster
11. Much The Same - Quitters Never Win
12. M-80 - Sick
13. Jettison - Fuck Your Yankee Blue Jeans
14. Belvedere - Excuse Me, Can I Use This Chair
15. Smackin Isaiah - Picture Of The World
16. The Code - Brian's Song
17. The Commercials - It Never Ends
18. Fonzie - If You Leave Me I'll...
19. No On 15 - Bottle Of Rossier
20. Deville - Seasons
21. No Cigar - The Losing End
22. Keystone All-Stars - Outsiders
23. The Readymen - Justified
24. Much The Same - One of a Kind
25. M-80 - Black Belt
26. Jettison - Gone

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend pick ups!

So today I was planning on updating this blog with an LP of some oldies, but I bought a bunch of records and wanted to share with everyone.

The local college radio station, WZBT 91.1, had a record sale this weekend. It has been going on since Thursday and I only found out about it today. 50 cents a record or 5 for $2.00. I didn't think I was going to find much, but boy was I wrong!

Blue Angel - Blue Angel (Polydor 1980..Cyndi Lauper's old band)

Ceilings Below - Ceilings Below (After Hours 1986)
Channel 3 - Airborne (Enigma 1984)
Chaos U.K. - The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes (Weasel Records 1989)
Couch Flambeau - Ghostride (It's Only A Record 1989)
Crocidile Shop - Head (Susstones 1987)

Dean Ray - The Earth Stood Still (San Andreas 1984, promo)

Fear of Strangers - S/T (Faulty 1982)
Feedtime - Shovel (Rough Trade 1986)
Fuel - S/T (Sixth International 1990)
Full Fathom Five - The Cry of a Falling Nation (Link 1987)

Gang Green - Older (Roadrunner 1989, promo)

Ism - A Diet for the Worms (SIN 1983)
Jane Wiedlin - S/T (IRS 1985, promo)

Last Stand- Approved Cuts (One Way 1986)
Leaving Trains - Transportational D. Vices (SST 1989)
Ludichrist - Powertrip (Combat 1988)

Pigbag - Dr Heckle And Mr Jive (Stiff 1982)
Pink Holes - Breakfast With The Holes (Eldo Farms 1985)
Prime Movers - Matters of Time (Throbbing Lobster 1984)
Pushtwangers - Strangler From Behind (Relativity 1986)

Radwaste - Cooking and Nothingness (Happy Squid)
RF7 - Fall In (Smoke Seven 1982)
Rhythm Pigs - Choke On This (Mordam 1987)
Rhythm Pigs - S/T (Mordam 1986)

Slammin Watusis - Kings of Noise (Epic 1989)
Slapshot - Step on It (Taang
Soul Asylum - One Way Conversation (A&M 1990)
Soul Asylum - Standing in the Doorway (A&M 1988, 12" single)
Splendor Head - Mirth (CFY)
SWA - XCIII (SST 1987)

The Accused - More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral (Combat 1987)
The Buck Pets - The Buck Pets (Island 1989)
The Darling Buds - Pop Said (Columbia 1988)
The Micronotz - 40 Fingers (Homestead 1986)
The Nils - S/T (Rock Hotel
The Pop - Go! (Arista 1979, promo)
The Railway Children - Native Place (Virgin 1990, UK pressing)
The Railway Children - S/T (Virgin 1987, promo)
The Service - Head Vs Wall (Pravda 1990)
Those Melvins - Elmer Season
Three Legged Dog - Loaded (Bomp 1990)

U.S. Mods - Station 7 (1988)

Victims Family - White Bread Blues (Mordam 1990)

V/A - 12" Combo Deluxe (Popllama 1986, comp with Young Fresh Fellows, Red Dress, The Terrible Decisions...)
V/A - Big City's One Big Crowd (Big City, comp with Unjust, Armed Citizens, Ultra Violence...)
V/A - Hog Butcher for the World (Mad Queen 1987, comp with Bloodsport, God's Acre, Mojo Wishbean & Trippy Squashblossum...)
V/A - Ten of a Kind (RCA 1988, Comp with Gunbunnies, Titanics, Lazy Susan...)
V/A - The Decline of Western Civilization (Slash 1980, comp with Black Flag, Germs, Catholic Discipline...yellow label)
V/A - Detroit Music Scene Volume 1 (Nebula 1988, Comp with Scott Campbell, See Dick Run, Beer on the Penguin...)
V/A - The Enigma Variations (Enigma 1985, Comp with Screamin Sirens, The Jet Black Berries, Naked Prey...)
V/A - Essential Attitudes Vol. 2 (Frantic 1987, Comp with Jim Ball and the Suits, Beyond Words, Exibit A...)
V/A - Fresh Sounds From Middle America #3 (Fresh sounds 1986 Comp with Psychic Archie, Vow Bulows, Homestead Grats...)
V/A - Hanging Out at Midnight (Midnight International 1986, comp with The Mighty Mofos, The Wind, Howard & Tim's Paid Vacation...)
V/A - I Love The Smell of Napalm (Rough Trade 1986 (comp with Primal Scream, Biff Bang Pow!, The Jasmine Minks...)
V/A - Lovedolls Superstar (SST 1986, comp with Redd Kross, The Lovedolls, Black Flag...)
V/A - Luxury Condos (Coyote, comp with The Wygals, Rage To Live, Trigger & The Thrill Kings...)
V/A - Mental Floss (WRSU, comp with TMA, Catharsis, Need State...)
V/A - Mr Beautiful Presents All Hard (Modern Method 1985, comp with The FU's, Prime Movers, Gang Green...)
V/A - Off The Board (CBGB, Comp with Damage, Tulpa, Jing...)
V/A - Rotten to the Core (SIN 1982, comp with Ism, Squirm, Butch Lust and the Hypocrites...)
V/A - San Jose Is Ground Zero (Petroleum 1986, comp with A Cruel Hoax, The Social Club, The Kingpins...)
V/A - Squares Blot Out the Sun (DB 1990, comp with Pylon, The Fans, Jack Heard...)
V/A - They Pelted Us With Rocks and Garbage (1985, comp with Spike in Vain, Offbeats, Dark...)
V/A - Towers of New London (VSR 1985, comp with Vacant Lot, Paisley Jungle, The Reducers...
V/A - Unsigned (Epic 1987, comp with Green, New Salem Witch Hunters, The Worms...)
V/A - We Three Bings (Vital Music, comp with Rats of Unusual Size, Lily Braindrop and the Yeastie Girlz, vinyl)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Amp Fuse - Self Titled 7"

ARTIST - 30 Amp Fuse
TITLE - 30 Amp Fuse
LABEL - The Arena Rock Recording Company
YEAR - 1996/1997?
PRESSING INFO - Gray marble vinyl

I just recently picked up this LP on my annual trip to Philadelphia for CZW Cage of Death. I believe I bought this from Repo Records, and for only $3.99. I was pleasently surprised when I drop the needle on this record. I was expecting a more polished power pop sound, as was the case with Wind Up. However this has a harsher more pop punk sound to it.

This seems pretty hard to find, but not impossible. I'm not sure how many were pressed but It seems it was only pressed on gray marble. The zip file contains scans of the inserts, as well as all 3 tracks!

A1. Whatever It Was
B1. Stereogram
B2. A Good Flying Bird

Saturday, February 5, 2011

30 Amp Fuse re-up!

I just re-uploaded the 30 Amp Fuse - Wind Up CD for anybody who has been wanting it. Its some great Husker Du influenced power pop/ pop punk.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pick ups from this weekend

I headed up to Megatronix in York PA this weekend. Its this old barn that was turned into a junk/eletronic/adult video store. I guess they ran out of room for their vintage porno VHS so all CDs were only 1 cent each. Yea pretty crazy. So after going through all the CDs they had, I came out with 19. Most of them I just grabbed because it sounded somewhat punk or power pop. That or the artwork intrigued me. And for 1 cent, who cares?

Breaking Pangaea - Cannon to a Whisper ( I knew what this was, and its great)
Bullet Lavolta - Gimme Danger (on Metal Blade)
Chaselounge - Mayday, Roger the Radio (had a sticker from a radio station saying it was power pop in the vein of Weezer.)
Cycomotogoat - Braille (it had boobs on the cover, although fake)
Elephant Factory - Suspended Over Seas (I'm not sure why I grabbed this)
Even The Odd - S/T (Wasnt sure about this one. Self released)
Felt Side Out - Tinted Shades of You (From York. Sounds like punk kids trying to be mainstream hard rock. And they scream. Also not very good)
Grand Drive - S/T (sealed, the sticker said it had hooks and melody. Guess I'll have to find out)
Light The Fuse And Run / Transistor Transistor - Split (On Level Plane)
Mighty Purple - Live (Listening to it now. Kinda like a indie/soft rock sound. Not very good)
Reptile - Fame and Fossils (It looked like old school thrash metal artwork. But when I got home, I read that there is banjos and marimbas in the music. I suppose it isnt metal)
Silent Majority - You Would Love to Know (sealed, on Initial Records)
Steve Abee - Jerusalem Donuts (I'm not sure why I picked this up)
Quarterbone - Fear (2001)
The New Grand - Incognito (1998)
Transistor Transistor - Wolves (on Level Plane)
Vanashing - Still Lifes Are Failing (on GSL)
Victory At Sea - The Dark is Just the Night (they thanked June of 44 and Jejune in the credits so I decided to give it a spin)
V/A - Second Thoughts (had Cursive and Bright Eyes on it)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hello hello

this blog is not done! I just moved into a house and a lost internet for a while there. dont worry, i didnt forget about this thing.