Monday, May 24, 2010

30 Amp Fuse - Wind-Up CD

ARTIST: 30 Amp Fuse
TITLE: Wind-Up
LABEL: Darla
GENRE: Power Pop
PRESSING INFO: debut release

Why does it take me so long to update this blog? I have a lame excuse this time. Since I'm still trying to get situated from my move, I had my baseball card collection stashed around my scanner. So yea. I'm lazy.

Well here this is to keep you covered for now. A great power pop album with definite nods to Husker Du. If you like melody, give this album a listen. I bought this about a year ago off the Knock Knock Records pop punk board for I think like $5. Enjoy!

1. Sorry?
2. 6 Feet Under
3. Push Means Push
4. St. Patty's Day
5. Locket
6. Everclear
7. All Day Afternoon
8. Enough Is Enough
9. Godsend
10. Q & A
11. Tonight
12. Dynamo

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