Tuesday, November 13, 2012

22 Jacks - Swallow 7"

I have become a huge fan of these guys over the past year or so. Unfortunately I'm a little late on the bandwagon. If you have been following my blog you have seen me pick up a lot of their releases at record stores as of late. I am still looking for their full lengths, but they are pretty easy to find.

I know I purchased this at Double Decker Records. And I'm sure it was only a buck or two. Swallow is a great pop punk/power pop song.

This was released on BYO Records (BYO 041). All 3 of these songs were featured on the "Uncle Bob" full Length. Swallow was also featured on the Sample This! compilation on BYO Records.

1. Swallow
2. So Now You Know
3. Stockton (Demo Version)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breaking Pangaea - Cannon To A Whisper CD

Breaking Pangaea was one of those bands from the early 2000's that every kid in the central PA punk scene was in love with. Probably because they were somewhat local (Downingtown). Or maybe because they were just that damn good.

"Cannon to a Whisper" was their debut full length album on Undecided Records (UR18). Released in 2001. Mixing a blend of emo and indie, this CD is just awesome. This album reached #23 on the college music charts as well. Most of the band members went on to bigger things. Such as Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run, and Safari So Good.

They also released a few EP's as well which are good, but in my opinion not as great as this.

The song "Wedding Dress" was featured on the CMJ New Music February Volume 99 compilation CD.

1.Sick Day
2. Wedding Dress
3. Suspended
4. Skylight
5. For A Word
6. The New Sound
7. ...And Still They Hated It
8. Part
9. Walrus
10. Turning


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

V/A - The World's In Shreds Volume 2 7"

Here is a short little compilation from the golden age of 1989. I picked this up at Celebrated Summer Records in Towson MD a few years ago for $15. I wasn't going to buy it, as I bought the first volume a few weeks earlier and thought it wasnt very good. This however is much better.

Released on Shredder Records in 1989. I also believe there was only 1 pressing of this on black vinyl. It also came with an insert.

Of course all the tracks are great. Do you expect any less? The Jawbreaker song is from an early demo. And Moral Crux is awesome.

1. Crimpshrine - Pretty Mess
2. Jawbreaker - Shield Your Eyes
3. Moral Crux - Pathos
4. A Priori - Schoolkids (Live)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brom Bones - Cope CD (1998)

Brom Bones is a punk / pop punk band out of Lancaster PA. They have been around since about 1989 and have released 2 self released cassettes, this album, an album called "Apart" and were featured on a bunch of compilations.

This album titled "Cope" was released in 1998 on Hoota-Man Records (HM432). I actually picked this up at an antique store 3 years ago for $1. It's short, but great on the punk pop.

I'm sure only around 1000 or so were pressed of this. "Jack Mackeral" was also featured on the Kaos Number Six compilation on Mother Box Records.

1. The Count
2. Reason
3. Pillow
4. Hooker
5. Jack Mackeral
6. Cope


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dead By Dawn - Die Laughing...Cassette

ARTIST: Dead By Dawn
TITLE: Die Laughing...
LABEL: Self Release
YEAR: 1990
GENRE: Thrash Metal
PRESSING INFO: No idea. There can't be that many of these out there.

Thrash metal has been a genre, for me at least, that has been hit or miss. I do enjoy thrash metal. Some of it. There is a lot of releases from the 1980's that are just awesome. The unfortunate part of that, is that most of those releases are next to impossible to find. And when found, will cost a small fortune. I have also had experience with some from the 1990's that are great. Although it seems that a lot that I come across isn't very thrashy. Maybe 1 or 2 songs have some fast parts, but usually its your typical crap hair metal.

This is different. I love this release. I picked it up at a Goodwill for 49 cents about 7 years ago. I was hoping for something fast, but was expecting something shitty. This however is not shitty. Oh no. Its technical, its got some great fast circle pit style parts, and it doesnt let up from track 1 until the end. And it fits nicely in my small collection of metal releases.

As far as information on this release? You got me. Mostly everything is a mystery to me. I do know however it is from Mclean Virginia and was released in 1990. I have only found 1 reference to this online and its basically everything I just told you. A total mystery release!

I recommend checking this out if your into fast music. Also any information on this release would be awesome.


1. Dead By Dawn
2. Answer To Your Prayers
3. Angelic Tempter
4. John Doe
5. Earthly Disposal / White Plague
6. Meltdown
7. F*ck
8. Sign Of The Cross

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hit Me Back - Only The Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time 7" EP

 Normal front cover
 Silk screen cover available at shows
 Black vinyl
 Test pressing cover
 Test pressing label
 Banana colored vinyl (127 pressed)
Back cover

ARTIST: Hit Me Back
TITLE: Only The Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time
LABEL: 625 Thrashcore / Hate The 80s
YEAR: 2004
PRESSING INFO: 127 pressed on banana colored vinyl. Unknown pressed on black vinyl. Some of black vinyl copies came with a silk screen cover that was available through the band. Also a few test pressings that made it out.
GENRE: Thrashcore / Hardcore / Punk

I first got into this band when I purchased this 7" at Double Decker Records. At the time I was trying to complete the 625 Thrashcore discography (I have since given up on it. There were a few releases which I thought sucked). It was probably only a buck or 2.

What I love about this release, it sounds like it could be straight out of the 80's hardcore and thrash scene. It's cleaner than most, but that's what makes in great. I can hear some melody in there was well. And there is singing, not growling or screaming. They also have a few demo tapes, some EP's, some splits and 1 LP under their belt. Too bad they aren't around anymore.

I believe I have picked up every version of this release. If there is a version you know of that I am missing here, please get at me. I want it!

1. If You Feel Free You Are Free
2. Skateboarding With Baggy Socks
3. Arm For Peace
4. Make The Connection (Heresy cover)
5. Not For Us But For Them
6. Skate To The Max
7. Only The Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Budget Re-up!

I re-upped the Budget Eeepee CD that was posted a few years ago. I know a few people wanted it!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 4-Squares - Save The Clock Tower CD

ARTIST: The 4-Squares
TITLE: Save The Clock Tower
LABEL: Quincy Shanks

Got myself a new computer! So here is another blog entry, that nobody is gonna read. Except you.

I picked this up off a message board a few years ago for $3. Wasnt sure what to expect, as the only reason I picked it up was because I needed 5 CD's to buy to get a special discount. I gave it a listen when it arrived, and didnt like it at first. Mainly because the rest of the sellers collection was pop punk. So I gave it a second listen a few months later and was surprised on how good I actually thought it was the second time around.

It's not pop punk. Or hard to find. But its a great release nontheless. Fast chaotic punk rock. The best part about this is the fact that they stay away from the breakdowns and metal influences that seem to hinder a lot of fast punk bands in the 90s.

I'm not sure when this was released, and I'm pretty sure its a discography of sorts. I have seen a lot of these songs on comps and singles.

Also, I just stole a shitty scan of the front cover off the internet. My copy is at a friends house and I really don't feel like going to get it and scanning it. Sorry!

1. Cut Me Down
2. John Jordan
3. U.Y.C.
4.Get Up
5. Jail Break
6. Quit Dreamin'
7. Subject To Change
8. Kirk
9. Sellout
10. Lotto Bullshit
11. Justin Henry
12. Asshole
13. Secret
14. Sick
15. 3 In The Morning
16. Shut Your Face


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just a little update for the masses

Not sure if anybody reads this still or not, but I am taking a temporary hiatus from this here blog. My updates have become less and less frequent, but it is not like I have lost all interest in it. This computer I have has been sludging and dodging for the past year or so and I keep putting off getting a new one. Well its time. I am hoping to get another one within the next week or so. And hopefully it wont take 4 hours to update the blog! Yeah, see why I stopped doing it?

Anyways I am typing up and adding my entire music collection to Discogs.com. Just to keep track of the damn thing. Its a work in progress, but feel free to head over there and take a gander. And suggestions on future entries would be great!

Also, I will probably be changing the name of the blog, or starting a new one. I'm not sold on the title anymore. I'm leaning towards "Chairshot To The Skull". Thoughts?

Keep posted!

Go to www.discogs.com and search for Chairshotrecords. Thats me!

or just got here.....


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I spent way too much money at record stores this week! I hit up Blinding Sun Records in Frederick MD, and then Double Decker Records in Allentown PA. Here is my hauls!


22 Jacks - Swallow
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Art of the Underground Volume 19 (206/250)
Ann Beretta - Burning Bridges
Bottom Line - No One' Safe (clear orange)
Bouncing Souls - 20th Anniversary Series: Volume 4 (white vinyl, 800 pressed)
Burn What Binds - S/T (Test Pressing)
Crush Story - S/T
Doppelganger - S/T (625)
Eyes Shut - What It's All About (black vinyl, 180 pressed)
Frenzal Rhomb - 4 Litres
Giant Haystacks - How We Lost The War (grey vinyl)
Hit Me Back - 8 Positive Tunes To Shaker Yer Bon-Bon To (black vinyl)
Hit Me Back - Only The Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time (test pressing)
Jolt - Burn / Epilogue (shredder)
Jolt - Emily
Jolt - Epilogue (red vinyl. original pressing on Buzzsaw. 50 pressed)
Jolt - Old Milwaukee (orange)
Jolt - The Agony of Deceit (white. 326/500)
Kucklehead - S/T (white vinyl)
No Empathy - Agrippa (orange)
Rhythm Collision - A Look Away
Rhythm Collision - Girl With The Purple Hair
Riverdales - Back To You
Slacker - Covering The Bases (black vinyl
Ten Feet Tall - S/T
The Cable Car Theory - Something New
The Disenchanted - The Other White Trash
Up Front - Doin' It Live on WNYU (clear vinyl)
Zoinks! - Dump-Eye

22 Jacks / The Smooths - Split
22 Jacks / Wank - Split
G-Whiz / Six - Split
Gus / Gus - Floriduh vs Canaduh (1st pressing on black. 300 pressed)
Jolt / The Wynona Riders - Split (clear red)

Latex Generation - 360

Compilation LP's
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 2
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 4
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 5
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 6
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 7
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 8
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 10
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 11
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 12
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 13
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 14
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 15
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 16
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 17
Desperate Rock n Roll Volume 19
Dirty Water: The Birth of Punk Attitude
Pebbles Volume 4
Pebbles Volume 11
Pebbles Volume 13
Pebbles Volume 14
Pebbles Volume 16
Pebbles Volume 17
Punk Uprisings Volume 2

Monday, June 18, 2012

Plague Of Shadows - Demo 2005 CDr

This release is a little bit different than most that I post on this blog. Although my collection consists of mainly pop punk and power pop, I do however have a large chunk of rockabilly, garage, grindcore, thrash, death metal, and even some country and blues. This however is a lone wolf in the collection.

I do believe this is my only metalcore release in my collection. To be honest, I always hated metalcore. But this release isnt all that bad, and has some fast parts which I really seem to enjoy. I picked this up at a show back in 2005 at the Champion Ship in Lemoyne PA.

Self released in 2005 on a CDr. It sounds like a home recording, but there are production and mixing credits. Probably not more than 100 or so released. 2 tracks, so its pretty short. But download it and let me know what everybody thinks.

And if you like this, the band is still around so check them out.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Face To Face - Face To Face (1996)

I own just about every Face To Face release. This band was great. However most of the material is still in print. This CD seems like it is out of print, which would mean its going on the blog!

If you are into punk rock, and haven't heard of Face To Face, you need to get your ears checked. The band has been around since 1991, and released a ton of releases. Lots of vinyl as well for us collector nerds. This album in particular is one of their best. Not as good as Don't Turn Away, but pretty damn close. I was always iffy about buying this album for some reason. Until I picked up the LIVE! release and heard Complicated. This cd is a little bit more polished than the previous releases, but still great. I love the music of Face To Face, but I seem to find the lyrics leaving a lot to be desired.

This album was released on A&M Records in 1996. Catalog # 31454 0601 2 IN02. There is also a vinyl version that was released on Vagrant Records. Which is you really wanted it, you could pick it up around $15 to $20.

Resignation was also on the Five Years On The Streets compilation CD.
Blind was on "I Hear Ya: Summer '97" CD on Caroline Distribution, and "Bands We Like" CD on Combat Zone Records.

1. Resignation
2. Walk The Walk
3. Blind
4. Ordinary
5. I Won't Lie Down
6. Can't Change The World
7. Handout
8. Everything's Your Fault
9. Take It Back
10. Complicated
11. Put You In Your Place
12. Falling


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

V/A - Springman To The Rescue CD

I know, almost 2 months without an update. So shoot me. Actually please do not. I enjoy life most of the time and wish not to end it so suddenly. Thanks a bunch.

I wasn't going to upload this. I was under the impression it was still in print. However, with a little research it seems as though it is OOP. So here ya go!

Springman Records was one of my favorite labels when I was a teenager. Great comps, great bands and everything was super cheap. In an era when the 90's pop punk sound pretty much died off, Avi over at Springman was still churning out some awesome stuff. If you havent picked up any of the Punk Rock Strike CD's, you really really are doing yourself a disservice.

I honestly have no clue where I got this CD. I do know however I bought it because Day At The Fair was on it. And it also introduced me to Big D & The Kids Table. By the sounds of it, I think the Big D song is possibly a demo version. Released in 2004 on, yep, Springman Records. There was no catalog number that I can see, and I have no idea how many were made.

1. Shinobu - Not Gonna Happen
2. Groovie Ghoulies - Nowmal (Is A Million Miles Away)
3. The Phenomenauts - Mission
4. Up The Empire - Stars At Noon
5. The Wunder Years - The Lonely Vampires Club
6. Treephort - It Takes Talent To Scream Into A Microphone
7. Big D And The Kids Table - LA X
8. Day At The Fair - The Blame Anxiety
9. Single Man Riot - Run For It
10. The Haints - Ivy Says
11. The Rum Diary - It's Midnight
12. Jason Webley - Icarus
13. Secretions - Long Lonely Road
14. Pain - Adam's Apple

Saturday, February 25, 2012

ARTIST: Anti-Anti
TITLE: Hooray For Everything
LABEL: Fast Music
CATALOG #: Fast8009
YEAR: 2003

Here is another great release from Fastmusic. I have a number of their releases and they haven't disappointed yet. I picked this up from eBay a few years ago for I think 3 or 4 dollars. It's some really good skate/pop punk. Sounds like it would come out of the late 90's pop punk scene.

They also have albums titled Port Charlotte Rock City, Slumber Party Massacre (Debut album), a split 7" with Grave Mistake, and a split with Swamp Kids. I'm sure there are others but I don't know of them.

There also seems to be another band with the name Anti-Anti that released an album on Jade Tree, but I do not believe it is the same band.

1. Long Island Expressway
2. The Good Old Days
3. Englewood Beach
4. I Want You Back
5. It's Gotta Suck To Be A Girl
6. I Live In Florida
7. Jarhead
8. Bubblegum Girl
9. Queen Of The Scene
10. Don't You Know
11. The Last Laugh
12. Forbidden Planet
13. Slumber Party Massacre
14. Sweetest Dream


Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Weekend Pick-Ups!

Grab these this weekend at Tom's Music Trade in Red Lion PA. All except the Nena and The Animals. Those are thrift store finds. Hoping to get there next week and drop some dough on the 7" records. Was pretty happy with what I got.

Also I hope to get an upload today! I just have to upload the music and post it!

Forstella Ford - Well Versed In Deception (I've been on a big old school screamo kick lately.)
Nena - 99 Luftballoons (Pretty good power pop / new wavey stuff)
NoFX - White Trash Two Heebs And a Bean (Original pressing on Epitaph. These guys were great before all the political crap)
Pud - I'm The Shark (Awesome gruff punk/pop punk on Recess Records)
The Animals - The Best of The Animals (original gatefold sleeve. Great band, and this is MINT. Not bad for $1.47)
Yaphet Kotto - The Killer Was In The Government Blankets (Awesome screamo stuff on Ebullition)
V/A - Pebbles Vol. 7 (If you like 60's garage, these comps are classic. Not as good as Back From The Grave or Teenage Shutdown, but still worth picking up)
V/A - Swinging From The Trees (Sydney punk comp with The Naked Lunch, Mushroom Planet, The Sweet Ride and more)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekend record pick ups!

I really need to update this thing. I have an enormous music collection full of rarities that need to be heard! Anyways I hit up the Princeton Record Exchange for the first time this weekend. Pretty amazing store.