Wednesday, April 11, 2012

V/A - Springman To The Rescue CD

I know, almost 2 months without an update. So shoot me. Actually please do not. I enjoy life most of the time and wish not to end it so suddenly. Thanks a bunch.

I wasn't going to upload this. I was under the impression it was still in print. However, with a little research it seems as though it is OOP. So here ya go!

Springman Records was one of my favorite labels when I was a teenager. Great comps, great bands and everything was super cheap. In an era when the 90's pop punk sound pretty much died off, Avi over at Springman was still churning out some awesome stuff. If you havent picked up any of the Punk Rock Strike CD's, you really really are doing yourself a disservice.

I honestly have no clue where I got this CD. I do know however I bought it because Day At The Fair was on it. And it also introduced me to Big D & The Kids Table. By the sounds of it, I think the Big D song is possibly a demo version. Released in 2004 on, yep, Springman Records. There was no catalog number that I can see, and I have no idea how many were made.

1. Shinobu - Not Gonna Happen
2. Groovie Ghoulies - Nowmal (Is A Million Miles Away)
3. The Phenomenauts - Mission
4. Up The Empire - Stars At Noon
5. The Wunder Years - The Lonely Vampires Club
6. Treephort - It Takes Talent To Scream Into A Microphone
7. Big D And The Kids Table - LA X
8. Day At The Fair - The Blame Anxiety
9. Single Man Riot - Run For It
10. The Haints - Ivy Says
11. The Rum Diary - It's Midnight
12. Jason Webley - Icarus
13. Secretions - Long Lonely Road
14. Pain - Adam's Apple


Peter said...

Okay this was one of my favorite mix CD's of the 2000's decade. I got it for free at a show in 2004 and still play it in my car on a regular basis. Seems like half the bands on it have vanished without a trace which is too bad!

Anonymous said...

ok let it be. but IS IT FUCKING HARD to upload VA - Better than sevens????? How many times should I plead you???

Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

Wow chief, gotta hair up your ass or something? When you have a shitty computer, and your own business, it is fucking hard. Now you can wait

Anonymous said...

four months passed from my first request. even If you'll uploaded a song in a day, it was already there, but you even didnt respond me :( So how long should I wait then? Year or more, I think its just useless...

Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

I get a ton of request for stuff that has been taken down, or just isnt there anymore. I love doing this blog, but it seems people think this is the only thing I do. So sorry I kinda blew up. Give me till the weekend and I'll get it up for you

Anonymous said...

It will be great.