Sunday, December 1, 2013


I started a new blog, which is pretty much this blog. Just with a different URL. I had to change my email, and got locked out of my yahoo account, which in turned made updating this blog a major major problem. So yeah, I will eventually start deleting everything and carry it over to the new one. So go here....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Grandprixx - Drive Me Crazy! CD

I bought this CD years ago at City Lights Records (RIP) in State College PA. That was such a good store. I miss that place!

Released in 2002 on Fork In Hand Records. 15 tracks of fast pop punk.

Also to give everybody a heads up, I will be starting another blog and leaving this one vacant. My next post will be a link to the new one, and it will stay that way.

1 Princess
2 Am I Pathetic?
4 Clueless
5 Goodbye
6 Balld Of Sarah And Anna
7 Vitamin A
8 Hey Jesse
9 Cotton Candy
10 Anything
11 Same Old Wrong
12 Moving On
13 Party At The Souse House
14 Straight A's And Black Eyes
15 12

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mega City Four - There Goes My Happy Marriage 7"

Released in 1990 on Decoy Records out of the UK (DYS 10).

I first heard MC4 on the Mulletcore compilation on Drive Thru Records. Since then I've been grabbing everything I see. This release is 4 tracks of shoegaze / poppunk. Would you expect any less??

There are a few variations to this release. There is a 12" version from the UK, a 12" released in France, a 7" with plain white labels, a stock release in the UK, and a CD maxi single.

1. Finish
2. Severence
3. Thanx
4. Square Through A Circle

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boxer - The Hurt Process (1998)

I first heard Boxer on the Five Years On The Streets compilation put out by Vagrant Records in 1998.  I thought they were great, but at the time was more interested in the Down By Law and Face To Face tracks. It took a few years later (2010) when I was in a local bookstore that has a section for records and CD's. Among the usual jazz and big band stuff, was this CD. $2. Yeah, I was pretty excited to find it.

Released in 1998 on Vagrant Records (vr333). Great melodic punk/hardcore. I'm surprised more people don't own this release. In my opinion it is highly under rated. It's not blow away under rated, but great nonetheless. If I'm correct, this may be their only release. Although they were featured on a good many compilations.


1 We Don't Like Them Girls
2 Blame It On The Weather
3 Georgia
4 Lucy
5 Child Labor Laws
6 Blue And Grey
7 Shorepoints
8 If You Got 'Em, Smoke 'Em
9 By The Way...
10 One For Milwaukee
11 Do The Math
12 You And Me

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Locust / Arab On Radar - Split 7"

Here we have a weird little record. Such an odd shape. If it's a shape at all. More of like a blob. As you can see, I picked this one up at Double Decker Records for $5 a few years ago. I am a huge fan of The Locust, at least up until Plague Soundscapes. I didnt like that album all that much. But anything before that, I have filed in my collection. I'm not really a fan of Arab on Radar. But their 2 tracks are included on the file.

The Locust blast out 5 tracks of techo/grind/experimental/powerviolence??? Yeah figure that one out. Arab on Radar have 2 tracks of experimental indie rock? You be the judge.

There were 5 different variations of this. Which all are now OOP.

Green vinyl (Ive seen dark green (mine) and light green), white, red, brown and yellow. I'm sure you can figure out what bodily fluids each one is supposed to represent.

If you like this release, you can usually pick them up for a few bucks. Most under $10. I have no clue how many of each were pressed.

The Locust:
1. Get off the Cross, the Wood is Needed
2. Wet Nurse Syndrome Hand Me Down Display Case
3. This Is Radio Surgery
4. Spitting in the Faces of Fools as a Source of Nutrition
5. Sever the Toes

Arab on Radar
1. Three Meals Away from a Crack Whore
2. Piggin in the Pumpkin Patch

Monday, August 26, 2013

Boxingwater Re-up

I also just re-upped the Boxingwater S/T CD for everybody!

V/A - Four Score and Four Shitty Label Compilations Ago CD

First I would like to say, I am not dead....Yet. As you can tell, I haven't updated the blog in almost 4 months. There is a reason for that. I have been going through a lot of personal shit. And was a wreck for a long time there. I know nobody wants to hear my sob story. But all I will say is the girl I was with for 8 years, was cheating on me for like the last 5 of it. Crazy. However.... Here is a comp to tide you all over. I've got my head straight finally so I'll keep up to date on this. I bought this comp at The Fest 8 in Gainsville. It's a really good comp, but the track listing is fucked up somewhere. I've been too lazy to figure it out. But give it a listen!