Monday, September 2, 2013

The Locust / Arab On Radar - Split 7"

Here we have a weird little record. Such an odd shape. If it's a shape at all. More of like a blob. As you can see, I picked this one up at Double Decker Records for $5 a few years ago. I am a huge fan of The Locust, at least up until Plague Soundscapes. I didnt like that album all that much. But anything before that, I have filed in my collection. I'm not really a fan of Arab on Radar. But their 2 tracks are included on the file.

The Locust blast out 5 tracks of techo/grind/experimental/powerviolence??? Yeah figure that one out. Arab on Radar have 2 tracks of experimental indie rock? You be the judge.

There were 5 different variations of this. Which all are now OOP.

Green vinyl (Ive seen dark green (mine) and light green), white, red, brown and yellow. I'm sure you can figure out what bodily fluids each one is supposed to represent.

If you like this release, you can usually pick them up for a few bucks. Most under $10. I have no clue how many of each were pressed.

The Locust:
1. Get off the Cross, the Wood is Needed
2. Wet Nurse Syndrome Hand Me Down Display Case
3. This Is Radio Surgery
4. Spitting in the Faces of Fools as a Source of Nutrition
5. Sever the Toes

Arab on Radar
1. Three Meals Away from a Crack Whore
2. Piggin in the Pumpkin Patch

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Karl Bakla said...

Sure I like the Locust, but I picked up this release purely for the vomvit colored and shaped vinyl