Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boxer - The Hurt Process (1998)

I first heard Boxer on the Five Years On The Streets compilation put out by Vagrant Records in 1998.  I thought they were great, but at the time was more interested in the Down By Law and Face To Face tracks. It took a few years later (2010) when I was in a local bookstore that has a section for records and CD's. Among the usual jazz and big band stuff, was this CD. $2. Yeah, I was pretty excited to find it.

Released in 1998 on Vagrant Records (vr333). Great melodic punk/hardcore. I'm surprised more people don't own this release. In my opinion it is highly under rated. It's not blow away under rated, but great nonetheless. If I'm correct, this may be their only release. Although they were featured on a good many compilations.


1 We Don't Like Them Girls
2 Blame It On The Weather
3 Georgia
4 Lucy
5 Child Labor Laws
6 Blue And Grey
7 Shorepoints
8 If You Got 'Em, Smoke 'Em
9 By The Way...
10 One For Milwaukee
11 Do The Math
12 You And Me

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Anonymous said...

Yeah that sound is great it reminds me of The Broadways!