Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Cuffs - Bottoms Up CD

ARTIST: The Cuffs
TITLE: Bottoms Up
LABEL: Radical Records
CATALOG: RAD 70023-2
YEAR: 1998
GENRE: Punk / Oi
PRESSING INFO: Maybe around 1000 pressed. Possible 2000. I could be wrong

Another one of this blind ventures where I find a punk looking CD for really cheap (99 cents in this case) and decide to give it a shot. I'm not much into oi! or streetpunk, but this album is pretty catchy. Most of the songs are your typical "fast punk songs about drinking" type of fare. But there are some decent songs in the mix that make the album worth downloading.

The Cuffs were from New Jersey were formed in 1996. Their first release was a 7" titled "Get Out Of My Way". Around 1997, they played a few shows in the Lancaster and York PA areas.

In early 1998, another 7" titled "Death By The Bottle" was released on Headache Records.

Bottoms up was The Cuffs first full length release. And to kick off their CD release party, they played with punk legends Rancid. The cuffs also released 1 more 7" and called in quits in 2001.

I also used MP3's instead of WMA on this release. And most likely I will continue to do this.

1. Getting Smashed
2. Enemy
3. Too Much Confusion
4. John L. Sullivan (Bare Knuckle Fighter)
5. No More
6. The Time Has Come
7. Hit The Streets
8. Red, White And Blue
9. Bottoms Up
10. March On
11. Down With Em All
12. When The Sun Goes Down
13. Vision
14. Turn It Up
15. Punks No Dread
16. Forgotten Soldiers
17. Worth Fighting For