Saturday, May 1, 2010

5 Cent Deposit - Focus On The Negative CD

ARTIST: 5 Cent Deposit
TITLE: Focus on the Negative
LABEL: Radical Records
CATALOG: RAD 70043-2
YEAR: 2005
GENRE: Pop Punk / Power Pop

If you couldn't tell by now, I've been on a 5 Cent Deposit kick as of late. And if your getting tired of the 5 Cent Deposit entries, don't worry. This is the last one.

This was their last releases that I know of. I also think they are still around and I wish they would release some more stuff. Maybe a 7"! If you listened to their prior releases, you can tell that there is a lot more "maturity" (god I hate that word) in this release. Its still great, and fast and full of melody. But the lyrics are more serious, and the song writing is better. So check it out!

Also, you can get this on Amazon and eBay pretty cheap. Ebay has copies for $1.00

1. Still Standin'
2. Dec. 12th
3. Me Likey
4. In Your Arms
5. Thanks...
6. 11729
7. Nadine
8. Another Song About A Girl
9. Nowhere X Nowhere
10. Burn
11. Paper Cups
12. Apology
13. Hey Me

Sunday, April 25, 2010

5 Cent Deposit - We Have Your Daughter CD

ARTIST: 5 Cent Deposit
TITLE: We Have Your Daughter
LABEL: Radical Records
CATALOG: RAD 70039-2
GENRE: Pop Punk

I'm going on with my 5 Cent Deposit kick in this entry. This is their second album and their first on Radical Records. Radical Records isnt known for their pop punk. But mainly for bands Like Blanks 77 and the like.

Some of these songs were on their first album. But now the sound quality is better and maybe even a little bit faster.

1. On My Own
2. Bird On A Wire
3. Dropout
4. Broken Dreams
5. Pisshead
6. Things Ain't Fine
7. Village Idiots
8. Kickin' It Under
9. Gutter Christ
10. Johnny
11. Stupid Me
12. Falls Apart