Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Face To Face - Face To Face (1996)

I own just about every Face To Face release. This band was great. However most of the material is still in print. This CD seems like it is out of print, which would mean its going on the blog!

If you are into punk rock, and haven't heard of Face To Face, you need to get your ears checked. The band has been around since 1991, and released a ton of releases. Lots of vinyl as well for us collector nerds. This album in particular is one of their best. Not as good as Don't Turn Away, but pretty damn close. I was always iffy about buying this album for some reason. Until I picked up the LIVE! release and heard Complicated. This cd is a little bit more polished than the previous releases, but still great. I love the music of Face To Face, but I seem to find the lyrics leaving a lot to be desired.

This album was released on A&M Records in 1996. Catalog # 31454 0601 2 IN02. There is also a vinyl version that was released on Vagrant Records. Which is you really wanted it, you could pick it up around $15 to $20.

Resignation was also on the Five Years On The Streets compilation CD.
Blind was on "I Hear Ya: Summer '97" CD on Caroline Distribution, and "Bands We Like" CD on Combat Zone Records.

1. Resignation
2. Walk The Walk
3. Blind
4. Ordinary
5. I Won't Lie Down
6. Can't Change The World
7. Handout
8. Everything's Your Fault
9. Take It Back
10. Complicated
11. Put You In Your Place
12. Falling