Saturday, January 31, 2009

The A's - The A's LP (1979)

Here is another repost that was requested. So this will be short. Classic and catchy as hell power pop from 1979. And they are from Philly! If you like bands like count the stars, veronica, and some of the softer power pop thats on labels like drive thru, I think you will like this. They have other releases as well that I will be posting

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1979 on Arista Records. So yes, it is on a major label. But still good!

1. After Last Night
2. CIA (my favorite song on this album)
3. 5 Minutes in a Hero's Life
4. Words
5. Parasite

1. Artificial Love
2. Who's Gonna Save The World
3. Teenage Jerkoff
4. Grounded / Twist and Shout Interpolation
5. Nothing Wrong With Falling in Love

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hissy Fit - Shut Up and Play CD

Sorry for the lack of updates. Being in debt sucks and to be honest, that's a little bit more important that this blog. Although I love doing this blog. I will try to keep the updates more regular. And if you download something, comment! I wanna know how I'm doing, and what you want to hear.

I bought this back a few years ago at Megatronix in York PA for 99 cents. Another one of those "I have no idea what this is but I'll buy it anyway" kinda moments. This is not in my personal collection, but it is still pretty good. I would describe it power pop, with a little bit of grunge thrown in. There is some songs with melody as well. The vocals on the first song are annoying and kinda dumb. But after that it picks up for the better.

PRESSING INFO: Released on Double Play Records DP005 in 1997. Probably around 1000 pressed. Maybe 2000

1. Look Around
2. I Want It All
3. Later
4. Showoff
5. Listen
6. Not Again
7. Shutdown
8. Other Ways
9. Wrapper
10. Down
11. PR
12. Dogfight
13. Hey Me
14. Blondie
15. Love Song