Saturday, September 1, 2012

Budget Re-up!

I re-upped the Budget Eeepee CD that was posted a few years ago. I know a few people wanted it!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 4-Squares - Save The Clock Tower CD

ARTIST: The 4-Squares
TITLE: Save The Clock Tower
LABEL: Quincy Shanks

Got myself a new computer! So here is another blog entry, that nobody is gonna read. Except you.

I picked this up off a message board a few years ago for $3. Wasnt sure what to expect, as the only reason I picked it up was because I needed 5 CD's to buy to get a special discount. I gave it a listen when it arrived, and didnt like it at first. Mainly because the rest of the sellers collection was pop punk. So I gave it a second listen a few months later and was surprised on how good I actually thought it was the second time around.

It's not pop punk. Or hard to find. But its a great release nontheless. Fast chaotic punk rock. The best part about this is the fact that they stay away from the breakdowns and metal influences that seem to hinder a lot of fast punk bands in the 90s.

I'm not sure when this was released, and I'm pretty sure its a discography of sorts. I have seen a lot of these songs on comps and singles.

Also, I just stole a shitty scan of the front cover off the internet. My copy is at a friends house and I really don't feel like going to get it and scanning it. Sorry!

1. Cut Me Down
2. John Jordan
3. U.Y.C.
4.Get Up
5. Jail Break
6. Quit Dreamin'
7. Subject To Change
8. Kirk
9. Sellout
10. Lotto Bullshit
11. Justin Henry
12. Asshole
13. Secret
14. Sick
15. 3 In The Morning
16. Shut Your Face