Saturday, April 23, 2011

Anti-Wasteoids - Mindset CD

ARTIST: Anti-Wasteoids
TITLE: Mindset
LABEL: Counter Point Records
YEAR: 2007
GENRE: Posi-core / Hardcore
PRESSING INFO: I believe 1000 were pressed.

Anti-Wasteoids were a youth crew hardcore band from around the Thurmont, MD area. This is their second album. Their first will be featured on this blog eventually.

Before this was released, the Anti-Wasteoids were a 3 piece with Mike on vocals. On this release they are a 4 piece with Evan on vocals and make on guitar. Counterpoint records was their own label out of Littlestown, PA.

If I remember correctly, 1000 of these were pressed.

I got to go to a lot of local shows with these guys and it was always a ton of fun. Decent dudes who loved playing music. The band has since changed their name to Mindset and I'm not sure if there is any original members (maybe Evan?).

Another little fun fact, I was around to do gang vocals on this album. It was a lot of fun and pretty cool to get my name in the liner notes. I also added all artwork in the zip. file.

1. Self Respect Is My Anti-Drug
2. You Only Fail When You Stop Trying
3. How's The Weather Outside?
4. Tradition Dies Here
5. Straight Forward
6. Foster Care
7. Days Gone By
8. 1000 Arms
10. Aint Nothing Wrong With Another Unity Song
11. The Engine
12. Hoodie Nights