Saturday, August 23, 2008

V/A - Xanadu Music for the Future CD (Rhetoric Records)

Here is an out of print pop punk comp. Its kind of a shame since its a really good variety of pop punk. Its not the best out there, but its still a damn good album. 19 tracks of totally awesome pop punk. Most of these bands were pretty big in the pop punk scene back in the day. The true zero, and weston tracks are probably the best on here. If you can find it, pick it up. You should be able to get it at your local record store for only a few measily bucks.

PRESSING INFO: Pressed on Rhetoric Records in i think 1998. Can somebody confirm? Long out of print.

1. Plow United - Counted Out
2. Mandingo - Long Hair Hippie Warfare
3. Stink - What if We Threw it All Away
4. Bender - Em Cee For
5. Buglite - Myself
6. Sinkhole - Girlfriends
7. Larry Brrrds - Ed and Elaine
8. True Zero - I Love You but I Hate Your Friends
9. Beatnik Termites - When She's Nearby
10. Nothing Cool - Supercool
11. Everready - Left Trout
12. Boris the Sprinkler - The Night Before
13. The Crumbs - Iggy Can't Lose
14. Thirsty - She's Got a Boyfriend
15. Mulligan Stu - I'm Sick of Hangin' Out with You
16. Sonic Dolls - Shut You Up
17. Porcelain Boys - Better Days
18. Campfire Girls - I Want a Second Chance
19. Weston - So Hard to Say Goodbye


Monday, August 18, 2008

The A's - A Woman's Got The Power LP (Arista 1981)

Here is the second album by the band The A's. A posted their first album a few weeks ago for all of you power pop fans. I saw this in the Black Rose antique store and was hesitant about buying it. Mainly because I had purchased their EP "four dances" and it wasnt very good. So I figured their first album was probably the only good one. Well I somehow managed to scrape up the $3.95 this person was asking for it. I took it home and gave it a spin. Great power pop! It sounds a little different than the first album. This includes some horns on a few songs but should be a power pop classic. Give it a listen!

PRESSING INFO: Released on Arista Records in 1981. Released in the USA. There is also a few 45's that were released with songs from this album.

Side 1: 1. A Woman's got the Power
2. Electricity
3. Heart of America
4. How do you Live
5. When the Rebel Comes Home
Side 2:
1. Johnny Silent
2. Little Mistakes
3. Working Man
4. I Pretend She's You
5. Insomnia