Monday, August 18, 2008

The A's - A Woman's Got The Power LP (Arista 1981)

Here is the second album by the band The A's. A posted their first album a few weeks ago for all of you power pop fans. I saw this in the Black Rose antique store and was hesitant about buying it. Mainly because I had purchased their EP "four dances" and it wasnt very good. So I figured their first album was probably the only good one. Well I somehow managed to scrape up the $3.95 this person was asking for it. I took it home and gave it a spin. Great power pop! It sounds a little different than the first album. This includes some horns on a few songs but should be a power pop classic. Give it a listen!

PRESSING INFO: Released on Arista Records in 1981. Released in the USA. There is also a few 45's that were released with songs from this album.

Side 1: 1. A Woman's got the Power
2. Electricity
3. Heart of America
4. How do you Live
5. When the Rebel Comes Home
Side 2:
1. Johnny Silent
2. Little Mistakes
3. Working Man
4. I Pretend She's You
5. Insomnia

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Zed said...

This album, along with their first, self-titled one, have both been released on a single cd by American Beat Records.
BTW - Lead singer Richard Bush is still making incredible Pop music. Check out his new band The Peace Creeps -