Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bad Boys - Love / Black Olives 45rpm

ARTIST: The Bad Boys
TITLE: Love / Black Olives
LABEL: Paula Records
YEAR: 1966

There isn't that many people who know that a punk sound was brewing in the mid 60's. But there was. Unfortunately, a lot of these 45's are impossible to find. Some only 1 or 2 copies are known to exist! I hope to add some of these to my collection, and when I do they will be seen here!

And according to the research I have done on this band, They were from Frederick Maryland!

While there are much more punk sounding songs from the 60's, this is one of the easier ones to find. You can probably pick it up around 15-20 bucks off ebay. Maybe a little less if you find it in a record store. The A-side is some good fast 60's style garage punk while the b-side is a nice catchy fuzz guitar instrumental track. Charlie Daniels helped arrange this record. Long before the devil went down to Georgia. Luckily for me, my copy came with a rare Paula paper sleeve.