Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bad Boys - Love / Black Olives 45rpm

ARTIST: The Bad Boys
TITLE: Love / Black Olives
LABEL: Paula Records
YEAR: 1966

There isn't that many people who know that a punk sound was brewing in the mid 60's. But there was. Unfortunately, a lot of these 45's are impossible to find. Some only 1 or 2 copies are known to exist! I hope to add some of these to my collection, and when I do they will be seen here!

And according to the research I have done on this band, They were from Frederick Maryland!

While there are much more punk sounding songs from the 60's, this is one of the easier ones to find. You can probably pick it up around 15-20 bucks off ebay. Maybe a little less if you find it in a record store. The A-side is some good fast 60's style garage punk while the b-side is a nice catchy fuzz guitar instrumental track. Charlie Daniels helped arrange this record. Long before the devil went down to Georgia. Luckily for me, my copy came with a rare Paula paper sleeve.


Demetri Callas said...

Charlie Daniels was the energetic force, the bassist and producer of both sides of this recording. The drummer was Danny Conway, the vocalist and keyboardist was Gary St.Clair and I, Demetri Callas, was the guitarist. The songs were recorded at Sambo studio, Louisville, KY, in '66. The instruments played (for those who may care to know) were a 1951 Fender Precision bass, a Lowery organ, and a 1953 Fender Esquire guitar plugged into a Fender Bassman 'Piggy-back' amp head. Charlie connected a cable from the speaker output on the Fender amp directly to a channel in the studio mixing console. No fuzztone devices were used; the guitar distortion/overload was a natural occurrence.
The bass solo on 'Black Olives' may be the only bass solo ever recorded by Charlie Daniels. The 'Olives' recording was to be the 'B' side of the disc. It took approximately ten minutes to record it. Charlie said 'play a riff......any riff', and we did.
Danny Conway took his life in '87. Gary St.Clair is still active in the music biz....produced a smash hit in the '90s ('I Swear' /All4One)....has his own indie label (Dynatone Records) and a first class recording studio in CA. Charlie Daniels attained the stardom he so rightfully deserved after having devoted many years of his life helping others advance their musical careers.
I, Demetri Callas, still play occasionally and communicate with Gary and Charlie whenever possible.
The Bad Boys changed their name to Flavor and recorded for Columbia Records in the '60s. Gary St.Clair recorded a remarkable, self-titled solo album in 1970 (ABC Paramount label). The album features Gary's inimitable vocal ability.
In 2007, Sony Records procured the master recordings created by Flavor for Columbia Records (1968-1969). Sony issued a CD entitled 'Flavor'...Sally Had A Party'. The CD is available on eBay and from various other sources. It, too, features Gary St.Clair's soulful singing.

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

Thank you for the information!! I was wrong when I thought you were from MD. I'm glad you found this and what a great record you and your band mates created.

Anonymous said...

Demetri was from Frederick, MD. Gary St. Clair and I believe Danny were from the Rockville, MD/ D.C. area. They used to play in the area quite a bit and were always my favorite local band growing up and had some great singles on Columbia Records.

Plug said...

this tune rocks! ive had a copy for a while now but unfortunately on styrene pressing which i hate! anyway is a super loud recording & the black olives side is why i bought it.. I'd call it roadhouse funk & the bass is perhaps the most monstrous sounding bass ive heard on any recording. It blows my head to think these guys just ripped this track out of the air.. but why not. If anyone has any leads on more songs that sound like this im all ears.

Tony Suranno said...


I stumbled upon this blog and figured it may be a way to get in touch with you. I lost touch with your cousin George Mars and hope that you will contact me.

I have lost the email address for you that George had given me.

Tony Suranno -- Hagerstown, MD

Andi Freespirit said...

I have known Demetri almost all my life. Never have I seen a performer like him. He is his music! Pleasant to look at and hear. An ageless character of perfection. The images of his performances will always and forever be imbedded in my soul, for you "Penny" Demetri Callas are one of a kind.
Andi Freespirit Las Cruces NM (from Frederick, MD)

Anonymous said...

Penny Callas and the Bad Boys were our home town heros from Frederick MD. Demetri inspired me to play guitar, he is one of the greatest ever.