Monday, March 9, 2009

V/A - Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot CD

I would like to apologize about the lack of updates this past week. But I'm sure not many people actually look forward to my blog. Since my truck decided it was going to drop the starter, that seemed a little more of a priority. The truck is fixed, I still have hundreds upon hundreds of recordings to upload so there will be no shortage of hard to find stuff at this blog...

Here is another one of those comps that I would cross my fingers and hope I made a good purchase. I saw this on ebay one day while looking for shower with goats stuff. I believe it was about 3 or 4 bucks. I saw that it had Slappy (a band im dieing to find more about) and buglite (underrated pop punk band) and I decided I couldnt pass it up. There was a lot of bands on here I had never heard of before. Its got a solid mix of pop punk and ska punk bands. The great thing about this comp is that its a benefit release. It benefits Kooties research. Ahhhh I love 1990's pop punk.

PRESSING INFO: Released on Flat Broke Productions in 1997. Probably around 1000 or so pressed. Maybe less

1. Blackhead - Redneck Romeo
2. Slappy - Just Another Song
3. Mulligan Stu - Android Blight
4. Community Service - Chili Cheese Obsession
5. Shower With Goats - Stranded
6. Kosmo Kramers - The Chase
7. The Modocks - Refugee Roadrace
8. The Savoys - Green Light
9. Go For Broke - Go Away
10. The Honeymooners - Vomit Grrrl
11. The Honeymooners - Out of Control
12. Buglite - What We Had
13. The Lexingtons - Cars
14. No Empathy - GLMMN (part 2)
15. The Letterbombs - Armchair Revolutionary
16. Ringworm - Louisville Slugger
17. Untitled bonus track

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