Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Grandprixx - Drive Me Crazy! CD

I bought this CD years ago at City Lights Records (RIP) in State College PA. That was such a good store. I miss that place!

Released in 2002 on Fork In Hand Records. 15 tracks of fast pop punk.

Also to give everybody a heads up, I will be starting another blog and leaving this one vacant. My next post will be a link to the new one, and it will stay that way.

1 Princess
2 Am I Pathetic?
4 Clueless
5 Goodbye
6 Balld Of Sarah And Anna
7 Vitamin A
8 Hey Jesse
9 Cotton Candy
10 Anything
11 Same Old Wrong
12 Moving On
13 Party At The Souse House
14 Straight A's And Black Eyes
15 12