Monday, September 3, 2012

Hit Me Back - Only The Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time 7" EP

 Normal front cover
 Silk screen cover available at shows
 Black vinyl
 Test pressing cover
 Test pressing label
 Banana colored vinyl (127 pressed)
Back cover

ARTIST: Hit Me Back
TITLE: Only The Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time
LABEL: 625 Thrashcore / Hate The 80s
YEAR: 2004
PRESSING INFO: 127 pressed on banana colored vinyl. Unknown pressed on black vinyl. Some of black vinyl copies came with a silk screen cover that was available through the band. Also a few test pressings that made it out.
GENRE: Thrashcore / Hardcore / Punk

I first got into this band when I purchased this 7" at Double Decker Records. At the time I was trying to complete the 625 Thrashcore discography (I have since given up on it. There were a few releases which I thought sucked). It was probably only a buck or 2.

What I love about this release, it sounds like it could be straight out of the 80's hardcore and thrash scene. It's cleaner than most, but that's what makes in great. I can hear some melody in there was well. And there is singing, not growling or screaming. They also have a few demo tapes, some EP's, some splits and 1 LP under their belt. Too bad they aren't around anymore.

I believe I have picked up every version of this release. If there is a version you know of that I am missing here, please get at me. I want it!

1. If You Feel Free You Are Free
2. Skateboarding With Baggy Socks
3. Arm For Peace
4. Make The Connection (Heresy cover)
5. Not For Us But For Them
6. Skate To The Max
7. Only The Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time


dkeat said...

Hey, not seeing an e-mail address to get in contact so hopefully you see this.
Do you take requests? I've been hoping to hear a band called Excite Bike that existed in the DC/MD region around 2000. I have not been able to find any recordings.
They used to play shows with Crestfallen, if that helps at all.

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

I do take requests, and I have heard of that band. However I do not have any releases by them. Sorry

Marc L. said...

Hey Jeff,

Can you re-up ?


Marc L. said...

....and if you have the 1st that would be awesome too

Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

I'll upload it sometime today. Unfortunately I do not have the first volume

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

Hey Marc, I re-upped the Dear fred comp...